More Donald Trump

Not long ago, I wrote a piece about my views on Donald Trump. I stated my piece, and ended it with the notion that the said piece was likely to be my last (on Trump). As it turns out, that was a lie. Though I THOUGHT that Donald could not possibly say (or DO) anything else to get me to speak about him, I was wrong. And the funny thing is, what he has said now is NOT crazy, bigoted, sexist, misogynistic or otherwise typical buffoonish Trump. 

What he said, was the truth. 

Keep in mind that this does not make him any BETTER of a candidate. 

Though he is stating how whore-ish the entire American political system is from the best context that is possible (personal experience!), remember WHY he is doing it. Though it is one of the more clever methods of lashing out at all of ones political rivals that I have seen (a Donald spin on Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the populist anger at money grubbing politicians?), its still but a tactic towards a winning endgame. 

But I would hope that the public is wise enough to see though the rhetoric. Sure, he is exposing the real takers. But he is also exposing himself as being far worse then them. He paid them money, for personal political favours. 

Given that admission, do you REALLY still want to elect him democratically to the highest office in America? 

Though that is up to the voters, I would hope they see though a fellow that only utilizes the democratic system when it is to his benefit. As in the past, where it was merely a method of advertising. 

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