I had a situation happen to me yesterday that made me appreciate people of blatet honesty. 

While leaving the laundry matt, I happened into a friend that I have not seen for at least 3 or 4 years. It was funny, because one of the first things he said was “Damn, you need to lose some weight”.

My initial reaction was obvious (“Fuck you!”). But I was not really  offended. Its not like my increasing likeness to Chris Christie has gone unnoticed by me (im not THAT big lol. It was just a perfect time to use that joke). Weight is just, not something I pay all that much attention to (I don’t even own a scale). If anything, I was glad to know someone so blatent. Everyone loves to pussy foot around out of fear offending, irritating, or otherwise getting a negative reaction. I like when people give it to me straight (Kevin O’Leary or Gordon Ramsay style). 

The world would be a WHOLE lot more stress free if more people were simply more honest. Particularly in matters of health. 

Health is not my first priority (I admit). But I am not overly offended if a hard truth is pointed out. 

Think about all those overweight people abound in todays PC culture that are offended even with the mention of words like Fat or Obese. Its one thing to be proud of who you are. But do not expect the world to view such a condition as on par with being otherwise healthy, just because the truth hurts your feelings. 

I hate political correctness in most any situation, but certainly so in these cases. I mean, think about it. What is a worse offence? 

1.) A causing a bit of momentary  uncomfort

2.) allowing someone to come to a demise 2 or 3 decades earlier than nessesary because it was looked down upon to call a spade a spade. 

Not everyone will appreciate the honesty. Some will blow it off and continue on their own path. Which is fine (you control your own destiny). However, others may see it as a realization. A good time to make a new beginning. 

But no one will have this opportunity if society fears even simple and aptly descriptive words like Fat or Obese. This is not to say that you should be walking around saying “Lose weight you fat bastard!” to everyone with a bit of extra weight. Acknowledge an individual’s right of choice, but do not blow smoke up their ass. 

Sometimes the topic never comes up. Its understandable. But just don’t enable those that attempt to delude themselves that they are somehow on par healthwise, with a healthier person. 

So you have a good opinion of yourself and are not worried about the issues? Thats fine. 

But do not expect me to lie about the truth just to make you feel good about yourself. And to those that find offence in that . . . . Your not doing the person any favours. Your just ensuring that they never have a possible moment of epiphany. 

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