Life In Contrast

It all started late last night, with a short drive out from the cities edge. The northern lights were out in all of their brilliant green glory, so me and a friend decided it a good time to grab a coffee and take in the show. 

Though the lights are a fairly regular fixture of the southern Manitoba night sky, last night was a  really splended and brilliant show to behold. Made all the better by the fact that my friend does not often get to see this phenomenon anymore. Born in Manitoba but living in the BC interior, not a lot of sky is visible though his home mountainous terrain. And so we let nature put on her show. For all to see, but few to truly behold. 

But the green dances of the aurora borealis were not the only entity vying for our attention that evening. In direct and constant contrast to natures dazzling and relaxing show of lights, was humanity. 

Though there was mostly darkness and peace to the west, civilization screamed to the east and south. Though the north was providing an ever splended show, it was in direct conflict with, the city. 

The loud orange glare of roadway and parking lot lighting. The annoying glow of floresent signage lighting, guiding the way to businesses in a state of closure for the next 5 hours. The loud rour of truck traffic traveling east and west along the Trans-Canada highway. 

In the sky directly above, many stars and the milky way. Along with the shooting stars and other natural fixtues of the night sky, east and west bound airliners. Man made beasts in an otherwise pristine environment. 

And above and to the south of us, an empty void of orangish bluish bleak. The bright and brillient stars above, swallowed by the glow of the urban abyss. 

In all honesty, I know I was missing out. Though I was always encouraged to look up and change my surroundings, one does not realize what they have been missing until they experience it once again. 

There is nothing quite like watching the twinkle of the aurora, looking so low that it could touch a tree top. Or the sight of a thunderstorm building into yet another of natures scary but awesome phenomenons.

It is there for all to see. It is ALWAYS there for all to see. You just have to look. 

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