Immoral Acts From Morality Warriers – The Ashley Madison Names

Well, the fix is in. The parent company of this infamous adultry site refused to cave to the extortion of the moral terrorists, and so their payload of names has been released into the wild. 

The fact that these people think they are ABOVE those on their leaked lists is hilarious.  You’re not moral saints, playing the part of god as judge and jury. All you amount to  is judgemental prudes. And now cyber criminals. 

But the only thing worse than this act itself, is how the media is starting to cash in on the big names (one so far). With the MAINSTREAM media, this is not surprising. But I have also seen the progressive / alternative media pick up this narrative. 

Its not surprising to see any of the big names grabbing a stpry and running with it, stretching as much meat as they can out of it. But I expect better of the alternatives. 

Sure, its hilarious that a member of a family values oriented organization was found on the site (on top of everything else). But lets not forget where the information came from. 

But I suspect it plausible that gender has much to do with this.

Which makes me ask the question . . . would these various alternative media platforms have run a story if the users were primarily females? Would the so called moralists be as quick to dump the data if a vast majority of it was pertaining to women? 

One may seem to be grasping at straws with this assesment, but not if one considers the effects of rape culture driven raical feminist rhetoric these days. For one thing, MANY do not want to aknowledge false accusations, either playing the numbers down to WAY below what is rational, or just flat out being in denial all together.

And then there is how these cases are handled. I hear time and time again from the radicals about how society MUST take sexual assault of women more seriously. Which makes one wonder how someone can have their head so far up their ass. 

There is always room for improvment. But for the most part, we DO take it VERY seriously. Often times so seriously that we play the judge and jury before the facts are even in. Or has everyone forgot about UVA already? About how many took the crime so seriously that they believed in the original stories authenticity even AFTER the story had more holes in it than a Detroit factory.  

But the resounding pattern that anyone without ideological blinders should be able to see is which gender is inherently disposable, and which one is held up as most valuable. Its not like this was not already a societial pattern before (“Women and children first please!”). But its amusing that this has continued into the so called progressive wave of femenism. 

Given how much worth the male gender has in these communities, is it any surprise that many progressive platforms are running the first big name?


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