Pay It Forward

A couple nights ago, I was having a bit of a discussion with a friend of mine. It was about the concept of Pay It Forward. 

While he was all for it, I was not entirly in agreement. But I suspect I may have miscommunicated myself. 

The concept of pay it forward is basically doing a good deed with the hope (expectation?) that someone will pass it on. Its hardly something that one can disagree with (be a good person. Its all you really can do). But I didn’t agree with how it was being utilized in practice.  

Some time ago I seen pay it forward threads in local forums, talking about it in restraunts and drive thru’s (typically on holidays). While I agree that its a good gesture (getting the guy behind you in line, or paying for a strangers meal), it just does not strike me as being all that charitable. Sure, you are being genorous. But those in line or seated in a restraunt already have the means. Its a good gesture, but . . . Not much more. 

HOWEVER, if I were to find myself in such a situation, I would not break the chain. I may be cynical, but not entirly a greedy prick. 

Hence the miscommunication. 

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