The Don Strikes Again . . . And The Progressives Take The Bait

Ok fine, the progressives might be a stretch since I have looked at only This article . But none the less, Mediaite called out Nabisco for outsourcing, but apparently completely overlooked Trump actively doing so.
Because the Don is a patriot that is all for “Made in America!”. 

Or not . . . 

Well, at least the commenters seem to be on top of the information. Though it be nice to see some asking mediaite why they are only outing one fox. 

This is similar to Trumps whole “There are a lot of candidates taking money from wealthy donors,but can you guess which candidate is NOT?” Routine. It is indeed an illustration of the biggest flaw of the American election system. But its a flaw that Trump has exploited before. 

In a similar fashion, it sounds good to boycott a company for outsourcing. That is, unless its a game of smoke and mirrors. But therein is where good journalists come in. Or SHOULD come in (as the case so often is).  

He may be a loose reflection of the lefts beloved Bernie Sanders (a figurehead of the same populist anger at the establishment). But make no mistake, he is the ANTI-Bernie Sanders. 

That should be blatantly apparent to anyone from the left. Certainly for the left’s news platforms. But it almost seems, forgotten. 

If your going to use the story for clickbait, at least shawcas the ENTIRE picture. 

The right has no quelms about digging deep and mining old leftist’s  quotes when it is convenient. So why not present this condemnation along side some background fact (Trump + Nabisco = One in the same). 

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