Things That Annoy Me – Part 1 

This is a series of sorts that I will try out (see where it goes). Past experience has almost guaranteed that I can make this series go on forever (as most anyone I have ever dealt with can likely attest to lol).  But I will start with 5 different ones and go on in such increments moving forward.

The points will be made up of a mixture of personal annoyances (as defined by me) and more broadly reaching problems (also as defined by me, but possibly shared).

Lets begin, with #1.

1.)  Cognitive Dissonance 

Facebook is filled with this sort of thing. Hundreds, thousands (millions?) of memes that are considered to be snipets of genious, yet are little more than ideologicly ambiguous confirmation pieces. Because it does not matter what the real facts are. All that matters, is who percieves themselves as correct.

2.) Small Talk Stupidity 

I don’t care about small talk. I just want to know, everything about you.  Otherwise known as, SMALL TALK!

There are other variants of this meme in which case the topics listed are indeed general interest. But I seen a couple of my facebook friends share this, and both times thought . . . . Jesus fucking christ.

Yeah, its but a meme. But it strikes me as so telling of the state of our worldwide society.

First off, the definition of Small Talk seemingly used here is WRONG. Second, its just so telling of how self absorbed we are that talking about ourselves is considered deep conversation.

I have people that I can talk about politics, religion, philosophy and other topics for hours at a time. In fact, I now crave such dialogue. That is part of the reason I opened up this blog.

I love to explore all sorts of ideas, for the sake of learning and further enrichment of my mind. But most are either not interested in such intellectual enrichment, or to consumed by cognitive dissidence to have any sort of conversation beyond “Your fucking stupid!”, *block*.

I get that the knowledge tree is not for everyone. But do not insult my intelligence by proclaiming a form of small talk as deep conversation.

3.) Falsely Inflated Self Esteem 

Having a high self esteem is a big part of growing up these days. Which is something that is alright. To a point.

For example, when a not so bright  friend of mine has been so deluded by this excess back patting crap that they pronounce themselves as being as smart as a university student. 
I get that they have a good image of themselves. No problem

But rein it in a bit. Do not insult my intelligence. I try not to view myself as above anyone, but how can I NOT, in such a case?!

You grew up living a life of comfortable consumption, baby sat by 15 years of cartoon and prime time advertising television garbage. You did not learn anything, short of that the world is obligated to help you obtain your every want and desire.

4.) The Radio

I hate listening to the radio.

Well to be fair, I do have some stations that I listen to. Normally One of 2 Winnipeg classic/hard rock stations (online of course). Sometimes I listen to local stations (half of each day they are manned from Winnipeg!), but rarly.

Because one is set up as a variety station (80s, 90s and whatever!). Though the old people seem to like it, its a bit TO much variety for me (Heart, Nickelback and Sir Mix-a-lot do not belong in sequence  one after the other. EVER). Choice #2 is country. And the 3ed is pop.

Though listening to either of the other 2 is often an unlikable experience, listening to the popular music station is horrifying. Even passively listening in uncontrollable environments (eating out, in a cab or on the bus) is difficult.

Though I often don’t hear more then 2 or 3 songs, its enough for a lifetime.

The girls often times do not even have to have talent, so long as they bare all but the extreme on an album cover. Writing ability? HA! If many write the shit they pedal, then ill eat my socks.

And then there is the lyrics. Empty, hallow, often sexual or party related themes with various other individualist touches (depending on the artist). All set to some manufactured catchy beat.

And then there are the boybands. Christ. . .

Again, often times with lead singers with barely better skills than ME. And with lyrics that frankly, make them sound like a bunch of fucking pussies. Though I do not care to learn the names of any of the most popular names of NOW (because fuck them an their pussy assses!), heres one from Hedley that fits the mold nicely. Which was why I hated it back when it got popular. The band went from being fairly heavy and alright, to this.

Alright, I guess even the older Hedley that I liked is not the best (I blame my youth. And alcohol). But its just another example of . . . . Garbage.

Nice, clean cut, non confrontational marketing materials to push on the young in the post columbine, post 9/11 world. Stuff that both educates and promotes the most important skills in modern society . . . . Conformity and consumption.

While my knowledge of how this empty trash music is likley helping to ensure that humanity falls over the edge of abyss is one thing to deal with, its easier when I can control exposure. Which is easy, for the vast majority of existence (but for buses, taxi’s etc).

That was until it started making its way into the retail environment. And I don’t just mean made for marketing commercial jingles either. Commercials can be skipped.

I mean, the more family friendly non-sexual (yet still mind numbingly empty) songs of pop today, that end up in retail store playlists. Which seems a silly issue . . . . Unless you work retail.

Before, the endless replays of many older artists (including the Whitney Houston song with the wicked volcals. “And IIIIIIIIIIIIIII . . .” that one lol) was bad enough. Now, hearing the backstreet boys, no doubt, taylor swift, bryan adams and other mostly mindless crap thrown together for the sake of nostalgia (I assume) . . . . Its no wonder I spend 85% of my time in a state of bitchyness.

And as a final “Fuck you!” to anyone that isn’t a typical resource guzzling, city dwelling automaton . . . . the song “Big Yellow Taxi” is thrown in the mix.

They pave paradise, to put up a parking lot.

5.) Oxymoronic Meme Sources 


The first thing I thought when I seen that was . . . . . What the FUCK are you talking about?!

I know and understand that these memes are a lot like modern music and media. They are not meant for the logical mind, or to be subjected to anything more than the bare minimum of thought process.

But even so, this crap falls apart. I had just concluded reading the thing, and the clarity of its stupidity was apparent.

I am thinking that this involves internalized spirituality or some mess like that, and as such, I am not even going to touch that. There is no need.

So if we ignore the silly spiritual variables and just look at the meme, it tells us (I assume) that much of our selves is based around various internal factors, and not on outward environmental factors.

That would be an astute observation,  if it were not dismissed by simply looking around ANYWHERE PEOPLE LIVE. From urban centres to rural towns and villages. On any continent and in any country. While every person is born with their own blank identity, and while this identity is always formed in a personalized manor (no 2 are alike), shared traits exist. Shared traits that often originate from within single families, locales, regions, nations or internationally. It does not matter if your in Tokyo Japen or Caldwell Idaho. Your environment may not entirly dictate you, but it is often a bia part of the picture.

As for Spirit Science . . . . Fuck off. A more apt name would be Useless Bullshit.

4 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me – Part 1 

  1. I’m a bit distracted at the moment, so haven’t had time to catch up on your posts yet, but this one has just popped up in front of me and the whole post is a perfect example of why I follow and read you. You say it straight, though I often laugh as well. When I saw the title of then post I laughed at the – part one, visualising several thousand to follow. *laughs some more*. Also, I’m nodding as I read through, perfectly reasonable stuff, yes, yes, then no.4 – The Radio. The Radio! Hahahaha. Don’t get me wrong, I like your points, but radio is so varied, and there are many channels that aren’t crap music. Poor Radio. MTV – yes, it’s a bag of shite. Maybe some radio, but ALL radio? I like to listen to plays, discussions, audio books, classical music…I’m sure there’s many other options my tired wee brain has forgotten. I’m not criticising your choice, the core of the post what irritated you, not anyone else, and I like that. It just seemed so incongruous I laughed. And I await the next four thousand instalments with interest.

    – snomi listening to the world through the radio (but not the crap bits) upon the Cloud.

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    1. Yeah, that was a rather general title for that section. I guess “Pop Music Today” may have been better. But none the less, I elaborated more later on.

      I guess I just said “The Radio” because its not the best around here.

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  2. Re: Spirit Science. The first thing I thought of was… You’re illiterate! “Your” is a possessive adjective, and IS NOT equivalent to “You’re”, a contraction for “You are”, and the correct form to use in this context. As for the rest, Bullshit sometimes hides profound truth: Think of, for instance, “Wind will extinguish a small flame, yet fan a large one.” The circumstance, wind, is the same; the predicate (effect) will depend on the object.


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