Gluten Sensitivity – Or The Placebo Affect?

I can not say that this really surprises me. Though its not exactly proven, its safe to say that the for the VAST majority, your issue is likely not gluten. Your penis will not fly off in an epic and dramatic fashion if you eat a cracker so, relax. 

I like this clip to. Notice what Randy says when he gets to the ice cream.

That was amusing, because its not all that far from the marketing truth of late. You can tell a food fad when many of the big names start selling OBVIOUSLY gluten free items (such as gravy packets and fruit roll-ups) specifically labeled as such. I know that its handy for the average gluten free shopper, but come on . . . Its a bit like selling gluten free bottled water. 

But thats my thoughts on that. As always, I never will tell anyone what to (or NOT to) eat. But be careful of the gluten free bandwagon, and all its claims of being a healthier life style. 

The stuff may be pricier, but that is not always a indicator of nutritional value. As per a CBC marketplace investigation.

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