Principals – Whats The Point? 



This is a bit of an internal and external conflict that I have found myself facing of late. The problem of me being the only person seeing any value in my principals.

It all boils down to my heritage. I am metis, which in Canada is almost  equivalent to native treaty status (maybe even equivalent now. I am not sure). This is identified by a special card. Having this card has many benefits (such as free post secondary education, certain trapping and hunting privileges and better chances at many jobs.  Just to name a few). 

Some time ago I decided that I did not want to utilize this advantage, because of its unfairness. All I did to earn it was to be born of the right ancestry. I was never persecuted by any Canadians, nor are any Canadians today guilty of persecuting me (or anybody else).  Its nothing more then a privilege.

I hear all kinds of talk about White privilege. But what about this!

Natives that take advantage of these benefits may not have been a part of the power structure (or whatever bullshit definition that the SJW’s assign to privilege these days) in past decades. But these benefits afford definite advantages over everyone else. It seems dishonest of me NOT to call this EXACTLY what it sounds like . . . Native Privilege.

I feel strongly enough about this that I am willing to forgo any advantages that I may reap as a result of taking advantage of my status. Because it is not fair.

And yet, it seems that I am a lone wolf in this. Almost everyone else that I know has been telling me to just go and get the damned card. Even those that feel that they are actively at a disadvantage due to this system of reparation (rightfully much of the time, may I add!) feel this way. 

They make good points to. One of the main ones being . . . everyone else is doing it! You may feel your standing up for something, but its a silent protest. No one is listening.

I can not deny the truth in this. My choice to not utilize certain perks of my ancestry is not affecting anyone but me. And if the key to life is always taking the path of least resistance for as long as possible, than this choice is definitely illogical.

Yet at the same time, if one is not willing to stand up for what they believe in . . . what is the point of having principals in the first place? 

3 thoughts on “Principals – Whats The Point? 

  1. so define for me the term ‘white privilege’ without seeming racist for labeling a while racial group of people ‘privileged’ just by the color of their skin?


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