Things That Annoy Me – Part 2

6.) Windbag Power Bloggers

This one is two sided. One side concerns your bigger bloggers that have gained popularity by way of a certain formula, of whom look down on other bloogers for not also following that formula.

Some bloggers do want to be popular over all else, using WP as another branch of social media. But not all. So give advice to new members, but fuck off with the high horse mentality.

And the 2ed side is just, puting out so much material that everyone else in a given followers list is burried as a result. Esspecially if most of the shares are re-blogs of other peoples material.

This is a good way to make yourself known, I understandable. But it can also be overbearing to existing fans. They followed you because you gave them something they liked, but they also want to see what their other (lesser posting) bloggers are writing.

7.) Stupid Grocery Shoppers

I could likley stretch this one into the thousands if I wanted, but I will try to keep things short. Try . . .

a.) At most grocery stores that I have ever been to, weekly sale items (including hot value items!) are located on a pallet or end aisle display, as well as the shelf. Look for these before you bug an already overworked stock clerk over an empty shelf of coffee or Kraft Dinner.

b.) Coming in one or 2 hours before closing, or in the very last hours of a WEEK LONG sale, is not a good time to EXPECT to pick up sale items. Bitch and moan all you want, its first come first serve.

c.) If someone is working hard to make the store look good as part of their job in the later hours of the day, don’t be a cunt and tear their work apart just because you have not mastered time management yet.

Its ONE ITEM. Fix the display. It takes only a second.

d.) Give extra and unwanted items you do not want to a cashier. Do not just ditch them, somewhere. This is very important when it comes to perishable frozen or refrigerated items.

Society worldwide dumps somewhere in the area of 40% of all the food it produces world wide as it is. Trashing sub standard or out of date food is bad enough. But trashing food just because some lazy fuck could not be bothered to walk a few extra feet . . . . that’s just tragic.

e.) Put your fucking shopping cart away.

Industrial cizilization trashes the biosphere enough in the growth, production, transpertation and upkeep/retailing of the food you eat. And you add to it yourself by more than likley driving to the store.

So don’t be a lazy twat and leave your cart just anywhere.

What you do with your cart has no bearing on the environmental. Its just a point. The food practically comes to you on a silver platter. Help the people who prepare that platter out a bit, by making their life easier.

If you think its hot or cold to walk all the way to the cart drop off, imagine how the attendant in charge of collecting them from all over the lot feels. And no, it is not always their one and only job to collect them. At times, it is just one of many responsibilities. Which makes your laziness even more of a burden to their already weighted workload.

8.) Fuck Your Children 

I know that you love your little bundles of joy, and would do most anything for them. They are what make your life worth living, are the natural progression of an ongoing relationship, or some other bullshit that society has conditioned you to believe.

But that is just it . . . .they are YOUR bundles of joy, NOT mine. Them being loud and otherwise obnoxious may be a normal part of life for YOU, but not for me. So no, I am not afraid to admit that I get highly annoyed when I hear a loud and obnoxious brat somewhere in my public travels.

The docters office, the bus, on a plane . . . . that is another matter. But in a store, mall, restaurant or other location, the option to go is usually available.

You think that it is unfair for you to have to leave just because of your loud child?

Well, to bad. Parenting is not all fun and games, certainly not when they are that young. But that was something that YOU signed up for, NOT me.

Call me child-intolerant all you want . . . . I don’t give a fuck! They maybe our future, but that does not mean that they can not at times be FUCKING INFURIATING.
I know, we live in a culture that values children and as such breeds parents that feel their rights trump all others . . .well, FUCK YOU!

I see these dimwitted parents come out in droves when a restaurant decides to either ban children or enforce quiet child policies on their premises. Angrily proclaiming that they have the RIGHT to bring their children out.

Well, a business owner has a right to enact pretty much any policy they deem acceptable should certain distractions be disruptive enough to his affect day to day operations. While a ban on children is a bit closer to discrimination then I would like, there is nothing wrong with a quiet child policy.
The experience has a negative affect on all the guests experiences, so I can’t blame a business for wanting to prevent that. I don’t judge a business by the behavior of its clientele. But not everyone is so smart.

In a related rant, upon waiting for the bus the other day, I was budged by a mother with a stroller when the bus arrived.
I arrived about 10 minutes before the bus arrived, the lady about 5 minutes before. In a situation like that, I let the people before me board first. Its just good manors.

As such, I would have been first in line.

But though the lady was behind me, she brushed her way past and onto the bus first. Which held me up a bit as I had to wait for her to clear the entrance AND the aisle so I could find a seat.

My main reaction to that is . . .FUCK YOU, you self important cunt. What makes you so important that you get PRIORITY in line. Do you do that in the bank, at the supermarket and in other queues to?

I know of the saying “Women and children first”, a remnant of a past time when the lives of women and children were considered of more value than men’s lives (I know . . . . a PAST TIME!?).
But the environment in which all lives were so precious that the bearers and nurturers of life (as well as their offspring) had to be treated like gold, is past.
I am not saying that I consider the lives of woman and children to be of LESS value than of men. But more, that times have changed and this “Women and children first” remnant can be discarded along with almost every other aspect of life in that timeframe.
And besides, were were GETTING ON a bus headed out to our various destination, not getting off of a burning bus.

So given that context, BACK OF THE LINE, BITCH!

9.) People Who Share Falsly Credited Quotes
Nope, not Freud. Just a random person tweeting out a fairly astute real world observation.

Though the people that make these annoy me a bit, they are not as bad as those that do not check sources.

Sure, one can argue that a falsely credited quote is not all that big of a deal.

But its still bad, because you should ALWAYS be on gaurd online. It may be a silly and minor issue now. But next it may be a scammer attempting to extort you. Or an ideologue of some stripe pushing a potentially false narrative on you. I have written numorous times previously about people using social media (and memes!) to do just that.

This is why I do not trust ANYTHING online, at face value. And this is also why I get pissed off at people for utilizing such important and influencing tools as social media, so carelessly.

10.) Informed Consumers 


There are variants to this meme (such as the one with 4 people with TV sets as heads). All with basically the same message . . . Don’t trust everything you see on TV. By now, this is a fairly well established ground rule of existence, since its even been promoted on television in spots like this:

I have no issue with the message itself, or with the memes sharing the same message. What does get me however, is how this message has apperently not also been understood when it comes to social media.

And not just generally speaking either. Even the people sharing these memes are themselves often guilty of sharing some form of stupid bullshit or another either before or after reading the warning.

Though television is indeed a huge source of misinformation and brain draining content, social media (and the internet in general) is SO much worse. There are at least SOME safegaurds when it comes to what dawns a television screen. With the internet however, there is NOTHING. Open season.

And yet, it seems that digital literacy (to throw my own term to the phenomenon) is VERY low. It never really has been all that high, for as long as I remember (much of the same bullshit that I came across a decade ago is still circulating, only the platforms have changed).

Since anyone with internet access and a camera can get online these days, any viewpoint (no matter how blatently wrong) can get traction. And so we have actual DEBATES about things like vaccine dangers, chem trails, and all sorts of other absulute bullshit. Which just further robs the important issues of attention.

Not to mention that I have to often question how many people REALLY evaluate the messages they see on TV with any seriousness. A few years back, Apple pushed the hell out of the iPhone, and now many can’t get enough of it. Another example is Bud light lime, big on TV and than in reality (when it first debuted, many stores could not keep the stuff in stock).

I suppose that this is not an entirely fair criticism.

I have become biased towards the iphone and apple in general of late, and its  my opinion that Bud light lime tastes hardly better than piss (even without sampling the latter). But its interesting that large advertising campaigns seem to preceed these huge (and ongoing) surges in popularity of products. Though the iOS was new and exciting at the time of release, it has changed so little since (at #6!) that its continued dominance is a bit of a head scratcher (at least for me). All I really CAN see changing, is the company becoming more and more money hungry. By way of the forced obsilecence of older devices VIA huge software updates that the phones can’t handle, and forced dependance on company sold chargers by way of locking out third party models. Another company that is pulling this shit is green mountain VIA its kruig 2.0 model (which locks out non-green mountain manufactured coffee pods. Like the cheaper store brand ones that have grown popular in the past year or so).

A lot of the mass proliferation of many products may be based on its popularity, particularly within the esoteric friend circles of people. But is that really any better?

11.) Nickelback Haters

This one I have touched on before but it deserves a revisit.

I heard recently that Nickelback is one of those bands that a person either loves, or hates.

No. That is silly.

The reason why that is, has nothing to do with the band or the music itself. The reason for this, are all the bandwagon fucktards that think it cool to openly “Hate” Nickelback. Because for years, that has been (and still is) a “thing”.

I am not a huge fan of Nickelback. I also do not hate the band. I enjoy (or did more so in past years than now) a fair amount of their material spread out from their beginnings, right up to the present. There is a lot of music that I can say I like MORE, sure. But its one of a selection.

But either way, enough of the “hate” and sillyness. If its because you despise the band, well, this is only keeping them in the limelight longer.

The band has said so themnselves!


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