Things That Annoy Me – Part 3

12.) Minions

Enough with the FUCKING Minions!

Memes, every other commercial, Snack crackers, cereals, fast food, the motherfucking bowling alley . . . ENOUGH!

These fucking things annoy me so much that I want to buy the said products, just to stab the FUCK out of the movie likness on the boxes.

Your buying sugar cereals, snack crackers and candies (and god knows what other nutritional trash) just because it has a cute minion on it.

Its like chosing fruit roll-ups or pepsi because it’s gluten free. Use your fucking brain.


13.) Reality TV Families

I have my spiel about reality TV, just like most anyone else with a brain. Though some has merit, most can (and should!) go away for the sake of societal intelligence. Many people start out with not to bright a bulb to begin with, but this brain drain garbage certainly does not help.

But I think one of the most annoying aspects of this trend, are the reality TV families. People who make/made a good livelihood off of their chaotic or unusual family situation.
First, these shows are not even all that interesting. Because though they CALL IT reality tv, it may as well be a terrible sitcom with a script written by monkeys after all of the nudges are added (for the sake of drama and such). And second, these families tend to find themselves exposed by deep dark secrets after awhile. Or they just prove without a doubt that they are NOT good role models.

I don’t care if its Mama June and her poor and exploited Honey Boo Boo, Josh Duggar and the rest of that family (I credit their faith as being a primary factor in fucking them up) , the Robertson’s and their fake duck hunting career, or (the newest Discovery phenomenon) the Brown’s from Alaskan Bush people.

I have never (not even once) let such a show grace a TV screen in which I was watching. And I never will. Because it is garbage though and though. Any educational value you may think your getting about the ways of other cultures is destroyed by the constant need for creating unnatural drama. Its not worth it.

Back when Phil Robertson lost his shit over gay people and made a number of homophobic comments, I was not overly annoyed (contrary to the typical progressive reaction). I did not AGREE with him, but it did not surprise me, being that he comes from a very different cultural context than me and much of the rest of America.

That, and I already had reason to be annoyed by him and the rest of his family.

Thanks for that Dusty Smith.

14.) That Lame Febreeze Commercial
Its more lame than a cripple on a broken rollar coaster. ENOUGH WITH IT ALREADY!

I hope they paid off this poor kid well, because he will need it if he wants any chance of poon before he is 45. After that lame closing line.

15.) POV Movies

No, I am not talking about the porn of this variety. More, the recent trend of many big blockbuster films being shot in this way.

The Paranormal Activity franchise. Project X. The Visit (a new commercial I seen). And who knows how many others, filmed on everyday devices of the serfs . . . . because paying money to see something that you could well see on your grandmothers facebook page is apparently a thing now.

Maybe I am an old man in my 27 years of age, with views that make me sound like an 88 year old to these young whipper snappers of today. But frankly, if I am going to pay at least $5.99 into seeing a film (be it in a theater or at home digitally), I expect something good. Something that I could not mimic easily myself, without much investment.

I did watch Project X, and I was mildly amused by it. But that’s it, mildly amused. I am not even sure I would see it as even THAT anymore, knowing what this garbage culture does for the overall intellect of the populace.
But mind draining and empty popular culture crazes are one thing. However, having them sold as DELIBRTLY sub-standard in quality (in terms of recording medium) is another.

We have likely all heard the saying “If you polish a turd, its still a turd”. If your gonna be trying to sell me a turd anyway, AT LEAST POLISH THE FUCKING THING!

16.) X Ambassadors

They suck.

One should not judge a band solely for being catapulted into popularity by corporate influences in an advertising campaign. And one should not judge a band just because they get themselves more exposure by accepting even more corporate advertising dollars. And I don’t . . . . really.

I judge them . . . . because they suck.

Now, they do have some talent. I am sure that they would be well placed on a stage at a pub in their local Ithaca, or elsewhere. But not much more than that.

Again, they ARE better than 99% of the crap on the radio that irritates me to no end. But it all starts to sound the same, when it becomes unavoidable. So, to utilize a metaphor in the last entry . . . . it may be a polished turd, but its still an irritating and stinking turd.

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