Things That Anoy Me – Part 4

17.) Elevated Position = Automatic Respect

This is something that most everyone in the world of employment has to deal with. Some have a worse time of it than others, but it is pretty much a universal part of having a job.

Some bosses are good, competent and leave little to complain about. If you have lucked into such a position, that is awesome.

But for the rest of us caught somewhere between “Meh” and “Fucking Douchebag”, it can be interesting.

I have worked for 3 different employers over 4 different terms lasting a minimum of 2 years each. Each of these positions started out well for the first around half of the employment term, but had things go off the rails after a year or 2, always due to new managment.

For the most part, these changes in power almost always went to people that came in with high ambitions and attitudes for employees and business.

Which is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong (every ship needs a good captain to keep it on course). However, it can be an entirly different matter when the captains brain says that they are brilliant, but their actions help to put the ship on the same course as the Costa Concordia.

I have dealt with such bosses before. They are not always incompetent dingbats, but it is a factor a good 95% of the time. The worst of the worst are those that pass off the problems of their doing to their assistent managers, or employees. I have spent a lot of time in such jobs, and it is not fun. Having to be a surf of a corporation was bad enough, without the managment (AND head office!) passing this crap on down the line.
Which only intensifies when many employees start to turn on one another. Though problems exist on all levels, this takes heat off of the white elephant in the room.

But despite ALL of the problems often associated with bad management and/or employer practices, you are expected to respect both management and employer. Let me answer this by saying FUCK NO.

Life experience and common sense makes me live by the rule of, you prove yourself to ME.

I consider myself a good worker, capable of holding my own in many diffrent work enviroments. I may hate every position that I have any hope of getting into, but I do not always treat a job as such openly. Unless I have a reason.

I aknowledge the power structure of various organizations. The word of those above, is law. And I will respect that word, no matter how stupidly illogical it may seem (working minimum wage is best done without a brain).

But I do not HAVE to respect YOU, boss or employer. Sure, I will listen. But that does not mean I will not still think you a fucking moron. And you CERTAINLY will NOT get my 100%. Nor will I find it easy to bite my tongue whilst you unleash your inner cunt.

Bad for my prospects? So be it. Ive bowed and kissed the toes of such pond scum before. But not again.

18.) Employment Responsibility 

This brings me to my next pet peeve or annoyance of working life . . . The inevitable gaining of responsibilities as a part of the job. Sometimes optional, sometimes not.

I recently inherited such whilst a senior member of more seniority than me (in terms of time employed) moved on in life, leaving me in the position by default.

I did not WANT it. I don’t care enough about the job I do since, its not worth it.

Partly because those that are paid to have that responsibility, have yet to prove themselves after over a year (though they are quick to demean their underlings over the slightest of errors). Partly because its a heavily customer service based job, and ive grown tired of giving a fuck about people. And partly because I will not be held accountable, when its NOT my problem.

Also, I see what these supervisor (or pseudo-supervisor) positions can do to people. That is why I passed up such a position at a previous employer. Not for me. I am not a patriot for my nation, so I sure as fuck am not going to be a patriot for a brand that throws me pennies.

19.) Pricy work Boots, Crap Laces

I don’t understand this.

I have been though quite a few pairs of runners and work boots over the years. And there is a pattern that I can not help but notice.

Laces from $60 or more work boots almost ALWAYS break within the lifetime of the boots (around half way). Yet laces from cheap $25 or $30 runners not only last the entire life of the runners, but also OUTLAST them often. In fact, I always retrieve them from the worn out shoes before I toss them so as to have spare laces for my work boots.

I swear that its a conspiracy to sell more shoelaces.

20.) Forced Interaction In Public Settings

This one may sound silly and/or make me sound borderline socially phobic . . . . So be it. People annoy me, so I like to limit interaction. Sometimes much more than others (depending on my mood), but I always try to keep people at arms length.

When on the job, one has no choice but to interact. Its a part of life, and some days are better than others. But one does have some control in other social situations (on the bus, at the laundry matt etc). Read a book, browse online, etc. If a conversation starts, keep it short. Most get it (Im not in the mood for chit chat).

But it can be an annoyance if they don’t get it. Or if it annoys them (the fact that you do not want to interact).

First of all, not everyone is a social butterfly. Not everyone thrives on lots of chit chat and otherwise pointless conversation. Though it is a necessary facet of life, some of us range from disliking “small talk”, to flat out hating/dreading it.
While I generally occupy neither side, it can vary by the day. Sometimes I would rather just to be left alone. Sometimes I do not mind a bit of interaction.

However, when someone forces the interaction by either not taking a hint or becoming annoyed, I always have to wonder what makes them think that it is their RIGHT to force conversation. Its one thing to judge one by their social faux pas (its still stupid, but not as bad). Its another to put them in an uncomfortable position, just because you do not understand them.

21.) John Mayer

Because the lyric “I am invincible . . . As long as im alive!” is among the top 5 most ridiculous lyrics ever written.

2 thoughts on “Things That Anoy Me – Part 4

  1. ‘Some bosses are good, competent and leave little to complain about. If you have lucked into such a position, that is awesome.

    But for the rest of us caught somewhere between “Meh” and “Fucking Douchebag”, it can be interesting.’

    as has been said by folks much more clever than this sailor…’ When you see who wins the Race, you know why they call it the Rat Race…’

    Liked by 1 person

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