Things That Annoy Me – Part 5

22.) Money Lending Morons

Now, I do not put EVERYONE in this category. As a rule, I tend to avoid lending out money if at all possible. And if I do, I never short myself and just go on as if I will never see it again. Maybe there are times when I should have bugged people, or done more in keeping track (I often forget). But I do not really worry about it. Which is good when I do see it again, because its a surprise.

I get annoyed however, when it comes to chronic money lenders. But not just that . . . . . chronic complainers of those than run up higher and higher tabs.

Maybe I am partly an asshole (which is why this is a topic of ease for me). But I find it VERY easy to say “No” when people ask for money. I fail to understand why others just, do not get this.

I do not borrow money (or at least VERY rarely) to avoid these situations. And I also rarely lend out money OR items, to avoid such situations (one often does not see them again).

I guess this rant is all about a backbone . . . . GET ONE!

Those that tippy toe around “No, I am sorry” will always be fodder for users, exploiters and scammers. So be weary.
This does not mean that EVERYONE borrowing from you is out to get you. Just, don’t get fooled again. And don’t feel guilty that you can only lend what you can spare.

23.) Idiot Youtube How To Videos

Like everything else, not all are equal. But I have seen enough idiots that do not know what they are talking about to add them to my bitch(ing) list. 

A relative of mine is big into organic gardening, building brick patios and other do it yourself projects and hobbies. As such, youtube is a source of many tips and much inspiration for him. 
Its a good place to learn about almost anything, because everyone has all sorts of tips to give on how they approach any given task or project, with many being incredibly handy or useful.

But (as in any other video category) you also have those that don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

One example of this involves a number of videos that I have seen on how to make organic insecticidal soap. Most of the time the mixture involves white vinegar, lemon juice and other various ingredients (depending on the source). But many also ask for dish liquid (just a little), usually either Dawn Or Palmolive. I am not a shill (I hate Palmolive! It does not compare to others I have tried over the years), these are just the 2 options you usually get.

Either way, after hearing this claim made many times by many different people, I decided to look into it using the tool I use to look into pretty much everything (Google). And as it turns out, such detergents as Palmolive and Dawn (and I am sure most other name and store branded products, unless otherwise marked) are NOT organic.

Yes, we are talking about very small amounts of the stuff being added (or required) in these home made solutions. Amounts that are so small that I HIGHLY doubt much affect will be had from any that slips into the soil from rain, watering etc (it beats glyphosate and any other such pesticides or herbicides in terms of toxicity). More of an issue than pollution are the cleaning properties of these detergents (are they detrimental to vegetation?)

I just hate when people use words like “Organic” (which have well understood definitions) incorrectly. Indeed, assuming that typical dish soaps are benign (which I am sure many pretty much are) is but a minor error, particularly when the amount used for their purpose it negligible. But it is less the result, than it is the knowledge.
I am a stickler for details. Claims major and minor, I often find myself fact checking, almost compulsively. Its just, how I am (I trust nothing, and never assume wisdom). Even if the detail that people get wrong is as insignificant as the status of dish liquid, you never know what much more important topics they may treat in the same lazy manor.

Another youtuber that annoyed me was an American that filmed how to videos about making rings out of quarters. This is a neat idea, and the end result was (indeed) interesting. Not something I would be inclined to wear, but it looked unusual.

But he set me off, because of his talking of the legal status of what he was doing. I forget exactly what he said, but it was cherry picked to make it seem that such an act is indeed legal. Even though it is not, in either the USA or Canada.

Again, a seemingly minor detail (I am sure that not enough people are not going to follow this video so as to make it a real problem for the US, or any other national treasury). But its still a simple to check fact that was gotten wrong.

Which bugs me!

24.) Loud Mufflers, No Brains

In early to late spring, and early to late fall (and in between) its sometimes nice to open up the back door and let some fresh, cool evening air into the house. It makes things feel cleaner, and it gives the air conditioning a break.

Normally this is of little consequence. Wasps and most other bugs do not come out at night, or in overly cool temperatures. But occasionally you get some douche bag with a large truck and a ridiculously loud exhaust kit drive by and wake the whole block.

They are not a douche bag for simply having the loud exhaust system (though I am not a fan of such, people can do what they want during the daylight hours). They are a douchebag because they often have to drive pedal to the floor, so as to make as much of a racket as possible for everyone around them.

I have come across dumb fucks like this before, and most end up fucking up their vehicles due to their inability to NOT drive around like a brainless moron. So I can only hope that this fuckers truck will suffer a similar fate. And that the repair bill will be very pricy.

Also in the category of loud dumb fucks, are those that drive around at night with blaring loud music. Normally in some cheap piece of shit car that rattles like an unbalanced washing machine with every base thump. And to add to it, its normally some horrifyingly trashy genre like dubstep that is bad enough on its own (let alone though the filter of a rattling vehicle).

When it comes to these guys, I can only hope that eventually someone will invent a device that causes an ear-splitting screech to be emitted from such idiots stereo’s when pointed at the vehicle. One does not have to ruin the equipment (I am not THAT vengeful). Just make the operator turn the fucking thing down.

We can only hope the future is so bright.

25.) People That Are Stupid Beyond Comprehension

I work in a retail setting, doing a position that often involves working around people when stocking, facing and otherwise doing tasks. Though maneuvering around idiots that are often to clued out to comprehend ANYTHING around them has its challenges, I have learned to (for the most part) pull off this task. Most of the time if I get in someone’s way or have to go around them, I apologize. its not necessary persay, its just my manors (as typically Canadian as that sounds LOL).

Yesterday, I had THIS happen. . .

In a crowded store, I turned a corner by a display and was put in the path of a lady with a big shopping cart (there are 2 sizes, large and double basket small). I went around her and said sorry, as I always do. She responded with “Well, I WAS here first”.

Uh, what?

It took a second for that to sink in. Surly no one is walking around in that advanced an age (upper middle age) that is THAT stupid. Only in our industrial society backed by billions of gallons of oil could such a self absorbed pile of garbage exist and thrive.

26.) Paywalls

When it comes to getting the news, the vast majority of my sources are online. For local affairs, I tend to be more drawn to the traditional paper printout of years past (its a preference). But for everything else, I tend to look online.

Part of the reason that I do not utilize the local papers website, is it is hidden behind a paywall. I understand the reasoning (its a perk for subscribers, but mostly to sell newspapers. Its a business). Frankly, I understand why any publication that sells papers would want to have a paywall in their papers geographical service area. In the same way that few would attend local sports events if they were broadcast on cable in the area (hence localized blackouts, unless the game sells out), I can’t fault a newspaper for doing the same thing.

To a point.

One thing that annoys me is the ever lasting nature in which many of these paywall’s operate. It does not matter if the article is a day or or 4 years old, its often treated the same way. Which is idiotic. I understand the want to keep it under wraps for the first day (maybe even the first week), but not beyond.
If your a newspaper that operates daily, then all the money your going to make is in the bank once the next issue is out. For a weekly, the same applies once the next weeks issue is out. For a magazine, the lockdown period could be a month. And so on.

Who is going to pay for old news? These days, why would you.

The other aspect of paywall’s that annoys me, are when they are instituted generally, to all traffic incoming to a server (no matter its origin). In researching the many topics for various postings here (as well as other things), I have come across (and at times utilized) online articles from print publications all over the world. Though most of them are not as entirely restrictive as my local paper is (you get 10 “free” articles a month. A system that I assume works on the premise that most people now have static IP address’s), its still silly.
I do not live in New York City, Boston, Las Angles, London, or elsewhere. So what would make me want to pay for such information?

Specially when its INCREDIBLY easy to micro-target a local area based on IP address.

Like telephone numbers and exchanges, every ISP in an area is assigned a block (or blocks) of IP addresses to use as they please. Everyone in that local area accessing the internet VIA broadband utilizes an IP in that block.
Which means that if you know the blocks of IP addresses that pertain to all of the local ISP’s in your area, than you can micro-target (and filter) based on that.

In fact, a local conservative candidate used this very system as a part of his last campaign strategy. I found out after his ad would come up on pretty much any web page I visited with google ads enabled, anywhere I was at the time. Google ads knows the IP block(s) pertaining to the 2 ISP’s in my area, and can serve up ads more effectively based on that information.

If Google can understand IP address allocations well enough to run targeted ad campaigns VIA ad sense and serve up local dealership spots on monetized youtube videos, than there is no reason for digital newspapers not to have similar filters.

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