Trans People And Public Washrooms

This is a topic that seems to be coming up more and more lately in the news, and in everyday conversation. Where such people fit in the grand scheme of gender differentiated rest rooms.
There was a news story sometime ago out of the US about a women that got banned from a gym due to trying to create an uproar over a trans individual in their locker room. And of course the Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner transformation (I still see some bigoted friends clinging to her old  “Bruce” identity. Grow the fuck up already). And then there is a friend of mine that recently started a conversation on facebook on the issue.

If I am to be perfectly honest, I do not really care where these individuals (or any individuals!) choose to use the rest room.

Many are making all sorts of silly arguments on the subject, from both sides (another issue South Park addressed brilliantly on their episode “The Cissy”).


                                                                            “Where do I belong?”

One of the arguments I hear from some of the more homophobic leaning crowd tends to be that that trans people are asking for special rights by wanting to use another restroom than that already assigned to their outward appearing gender. Similar to the mantra that such people often reference when it comes to gay marriage.

Frankly, I do not think that either issue equates to “special rights”, since both are human rights. Though some ideologues and cultures have adopted long standing and shared traditions such as marriage into their own cultural context, they do not have a monopoly over these rights.
Hell, it could be argued that Abraham’s big 3 do not have ANY cultural values that can not be traced to previous cultures.  But that is another subject.
Either way, marriage was around long before the big 3 claimed dominion over it (and thus tried to stifle first inter-racial, than inter-sex marriage). So just as anyone has a right to marry, anyone also has a right to use the washroom. Any washroom.

These concepts creep some people out. Thinking about 2 men marrying (though not typically  women, since lesbianism tends to be seen as hot. Gotta love double standards). Or thinking about a person of the opposite sex using the same washroom as you. Particularly the 2ed one, being that most anyone could find themselves confronted with such a situation.

But societal or individual discomfort is not a valid reason to stand in the  way of others.

There was once a time when it was weird for a white person to marry (or have relations with) someone that was black (or likely any other race). Hell, there was likely a time when it was creepy for black people to ride at the front of the bus.       
But society (fortunately) has confronted these issues and moved on. Race is still a point of contention in America and elsewhere (don’t get me wrong), but we are doing better than we were.

Society is gradually coming to terms with trans issues, thanks in big part to Caitlyn Jenner. Like every other fight akin to this in the past, some people are dragging their feet and being stupidly bigoted. But that is the way of many people. Always 2 steps behind.

But were moving on.

When it comes to trans people using opposing fixed gender washrooms or locker rooms, I think that we will get past this to. It will take longer, but its always a process. In a world of rigid mindsets, people adapting brings progress.

This does not mean that trans individuals (or anyone for that matter) should automatically expect the  world to adjust on a dime, upon seeing them in a washroom they are not traditionally assigned to. Indeed, people should not be trying to force them out or otherwise resorting to homophobia (or trans-phobia). However, like every other big change, attitudes change over time. So do not be offended to have someone surprised by your presence (even I may have that reaction, initially).

At the same time (to the progressives), do not support this weird trend of cystphobia that is springing up of late.


                                                                       “Are you a Cyssy, Stan?”

Some debate the need to have  gender segregated washrooms. I suppose that question can be asked.

However, if someone comes out in favor of the current status quo, that does not necessarily make them some sort of bigot. Though its great that the world is becoming more accepting of people that see themselves between the lines, this does not mean that those that see themselves in a fixed (or cyst) gender placement should be punished for accepting that. In fact, if one is in favor of celebrating ones inner self, than this behavior is opposing to such a mindset.  

Being a progressive does not stop you from being a bigot.

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