Why The Hate For Hillary?

This is something that I have noticed coming out of many on the left of late, this election season. A lot of friction against the Hillary campaign. Which is, interesting. 

First of all, like many others, I hope Bernie makes the cut. At this point he is the best suited out of pretty much everyone, hands down (both sides). But there are many that claim his chances are, questionable. With luck they are wrong. But him not getting the nomination is a possibilty.

In that case, it could very well be Hillary. Indeed, there is O’Malley as well. And possibly Joe Biden. But again, Hillary seems to come out ahead of many. She was overtaken last time, but who knows this time (DONALD TRUMP is leading the gop!). 

Either way, many say that she is slimy, insincere, and ambiguois (many claim to not know where she stands on anything). Ive even seen Bernie come to her defence (I believe) on real time (with Bill Maher) once. 

This is, an opinion. But I would like to see the evidence that these people used, besides “Uh, another  Clinton”. Because many liberals have said they will abstain from voting if she is the candidate.  

Which begs the question . . . Have you SEEN the GOP lately?! Even if Trump does not make it, the rest are just as scary. 

Many vote abstainers seem to be doing so out of, a lack of want to compromise. If not Bernie, then fuck it. Logic that helped the right to sweep the UK. 

This seems an incredibly weak reason to hand the election over to the GOP on a silver platter. And unprogressive. After all, what is so progressive about pouting whilst your every desire is not met. That is a bit like, the GOP of the last 8 years. 

Maybe I am being unfair, as maybe people do have good reason to fear Hillary. Though it be nice if it were more clear as to their exact reasons WHY. 

As always, opinions and links welcomed in the comment section. Or tweet me @TheThoughtZone.  

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