Things That Annoy Me – Part 7

32.) Sheeple Hating Sheeple

We all have people like this in our lives to some degree. Some of them are otherwise normal people, until you get them on some trigger topic (9/11, chem trails, GMO foods/big biotech). Or they can be full time conveyers of their alternative viewpoints.

When it comes to people having alternative views, I see no real issue with that. I acknowledge that I live in a diverse world and respect that others see things from another side. I may not always think they are correct (likewise in their opinion of my views). But that is what conversation is for. Sometimes minds will be changed.
So long its not a one way street. Which is an issue I have with many groups of late. If you come to the table attempting to do nothing but criticize the opposition (not even consider legitimate criticism of your views), than your no more credible than your opposition. Some groups are much worse for this than others, but none will ever achieve true debate (if no one is willing to even CONSIDER problems with their conclusions, than what is the point?).

That is one thing. People have always tended to follow the leader, and the internet has only brought this group-think phenomenon to a whole new level. But though these people annoy me, there are people that annoy me much more.

They are what I will call, the keyboard intellectuals. People that place themselves on a high horse above all others, because they have broken away from the thinking of the status quo, and adopted things that are more, unique. Or so they like to think.

I have friends like this on social media (as well as in real life), that post all sorts of (usually conspiracy related) stuff like this all the time. They normally see themselves as more intelligent than the rest, for having seen past the deception of *insert scary entity here*. But they did not come to these conclusions of their own volition (have yet to see it). They always find it though some external source.
Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Jesse Ventura, some crazy youtuber, blogger, some alternative media platforms. Rather than fully thinking these things though, they are instead, re-educated by another Shepard.

Being a part of a group is one thing. But thinking (and often ACTING) like you are of a higher intellect just because you became knowledgeable of some information that the rest of society “refuses to accept”, is irritating.

I respect skeptics, since I see it as a trait that is all to uncommon in the modern day (and really, ANY) populace. But trading one truckload of ideological sheep thinking for another, is not skeptical.

Its a bit like dropping Christianity for Scientology.

33.) Music

It must be a part of growing up and getting old. The list of music that I like has been fairly unchanged over the years at its core, for the most part. I have always been drawn to metal since discovering it, and that has not changed (but for gradually getting into heavier and more complex bands as the years have progressed). However, the list of music that I can tolerate grows ever shorter. This is visible in this list (and in other posts on this blog) already. But there is some distinction to be made when it comes to music that irritates me.

Some music was always annoying, and will always be annoying (Simple Plan).
Some music was good at the time, but did not stand up well with age (Blink 182, Hedley, My Chemical Romance). And some that fall into the popular classics category (Trooper, Bryan Adams, The Beatles) I liked before, but have fallen out of favor with later.

I think a good part of the reason why I find this happening SO much more, is my mindset. I have always been (or at least considered myself) quite individualistic over the years. But though I did cut a large swath that was my own, I would follow some popular culture out of conformity.
For example, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Hedley. Even Aqua’s Barbie Girl back in the day. Yeah, I admit it LOL.
However, this phenomenon also had me listening to many typical classics, just because of that distinction. This is where Bryan Adams, Trooper, The Beatles, Kiss and many others come in.

Its funny to go though an old mp3 mix disk I had kicking around from back in the day (5 or 6 years ago). It has a mixture of all sorts of tracks from many different genres (as is my music taste, Varied. something different for almost every day).
Some are artists that have stood the test of time, such as Manson, Disturbed (and most other metal) and Weird Al (I think he will always be relevant. And his intellectual kick of late has only boosted his status for me). Some artists I have grown indifferent to (no negative feelings, but at the same time, I also don’t give them much play either. One example is Linkin Park).

And some tracks just make me go . . . . uh. I was in the process of making a disk for a party, and it showed. Ace of Base, La Bouche, Holly Dolly (I blame the weed), Daddy Yankee (I lived with Latinos. And with a chick that liked to fuck them. My city is very diverse).
And then there is the country. Some is not bad (Brad Paisley is amusing, as is Shane Yellowbird’s Pickup Truck). But I also has a couple popular songs by Big & Rich, as well as Toby Keith’s Beer For My Horses. Uh.

My most recent artist that I realized irritated me was Bob Marley. In the car a few days ago (on the way to a nearby supermarket), Buffalo Soldier came on the radio. And as it droned on, all I could think was “Fuck this song is giving me a headache. I need a hoot”.

34.) The New Canadian McDonalds Ad Campaign

I wrote about this on facebook, to little fanfare, as is the usual (Facebook is where intelligence goes to die).

Anyway, McDonalds is running an ad campaign (targeted at young Canadian’s) showcasing their trust in that said demographic, being that the vast majority of the company’s employees are young Canadians. It was a show of kiss ass and blatant pandering that one could only get away with in the age of social media, where no one thinks anything beyond “What a nice gesture. Guess where we are having dinner tonight!”.

As explored on facebook, sure McDonalds (and many other bottom feeders of the corporate world) love young people. But not out of trust. Its because they are plentiful, cheap and often ignorant enough to push around without expecting much resistance.

Its almost mind boggling to need to say that. But such is the world we live.

35.) Viral Ad campaigns And Corporate Charity

I come across these all the time as roll top ads on youtube videos. And even on friends facebook pages. And there are different types.

In the first, a company spends a little cash and makes the lives of a small group just a little easier (free gifts for plane passengers, refurbishing an old truck for a grandfather). In the 2ed, it is a contest of sorts (vote for the best candidate for a new hockey arena at *food company*.ca!). Or the company may make some sort of elaborate commercial to promote something new, or just promote something existing (put a beer fridge in the middle of a foreign nation that will not open without the Canadian national anthem sang in a number of languages, paint an entire coffee shop black to promote a new dark roast blend).
And in all of them (at least 1 and 3), all are recorded and the footage spread far and wide, making sure the brands are clearly attached. And as for the 2ed, the brand is also pushed heavily, usually in stores (with giant displays that one can’t miss) and on television, online and elsewhere.

People can view and consume whatever content they want. But I have about as much use for these viral commercial campaigns as I do for Duck Dynasty, Americas Got Talent or any of that other trash.
But to viewers of such viral advertisements . . . why do you skip a roll-top advertisement, on a video that is, an advertisement? i have seen people do this, and it made me laugh.

“hurry up! I can’t wait to suck this other companies balls!”

And also in this category, is another phenomenon that I have noticed start to circulate the social media circuit. The very first of this type (at least that I seen) showed a photo of a person holding a branded coffee cup from a certain popular Canadian coffee chain, followed by a long story that essentially had the person pictured (we are to assume) hearing abusive comments from the person behind them in line (at the branded coffee shop, of course). They responded (on facebook, NOT at the time!) with a long sob story about a bunch of health and personal ailments they have to deal with (and in the end, brushed it all off).
The result was thousands and thousands of shares of the story, and hundreds and hundreds of positive and uplifting comments. I could find no others (skeptical or otherwise).

At the time, I checked up on the story (as is my MO). And at the time, I could not really find anything, on Google or Snopes (I can’t even find the link now, as the person whom posted it chronically posts memes and other such stuff). But I am still skeptical. I would have been skeptical anyway, but my deception radar goes into overdrive when a branded object is so, blatantly involved. Particularly when the company involved is no stranger to utilizing viral marketing.

It is truly amazing (and truly scary) how easy it is to fool modern social media crowds. Gone are the days when you had to bury company branded products in the settings of television shows.

36.) Idiot Suicidal Liberals

This one pertains particularly to the US, but also elsewhere. I covered this a bit in my recent “Why The Hate For Hillary?” post, but I since have been noticing people much worse than even them.

I have seen and heard chatter like this all over the place, but the most recent was on the facebook page of a fairly prominent online atheist with thousands of followers. These people casually say things like “Sometimes I question if people are worth it, if the human race is worth saving. Maybe I should just vote for Trump/not vote, and watch this shit burn down”.

I would be a liar if I said that I did not have similar thoughts now and again (im sure many of my posts here could be referenced as evidence LOL). But despite that, I do not REALLY mean that. If I did, I would not spend so much time and mental energy trying to make things ideal. A humanity apathetic person would be more inclined to be alike George Carlin, sitting and enjoying the show.
As cynical and pessimistic as I come across as, its just a result of disappointment.

This lazy apathetic liberal attitude ticks me off for one, because it ensures the worst case scenario. If you decide to either not vote or vote against your own interests, you have effectively sealed your own fate. I don’t care how disappointed you are at the state of politics, your a fucking useless moron for thinking like this. And more so for promoting this useless cynical garbage to a fairly large audience of people. You have a fair number of eyes looking your way . . . . engage them!
Another reason why these useless brainless twats get my goat, is the options, and the ongoing trend towards more progressive (well, liberal. Fuck the pejorative label) ideals in left wing parties world wide.
The UK squandered this by having the establishment clean house as the lefties were asleep at the wheel (and/or following the Russel Brand political method of non-action). But here in Canada, in Alberta (a province with conservative wins for 5 decades straight), the NDP cleaned house last provincial election. That was unheard of.

Think about that for a second. Imagine the mental state of officials in an underdog left wing party in a multi-decade conservative stronghold such as Alberta. Though anyone attempting such a position has hope and desire to get ahead, its still a monumental task.
But none the less, they pulled it off. Thanks in big part to the voters. Maybe some angry conservative votes went their way, but its more likely that they managed to engage Alberta’s normally apathetic left into actually casting a ballet. And it actually accomplished something.

In the US, right now Bernie Sanders is (rightfully) gaining more momentum. He is not just the best candidate out of all the available choices (both sides) in this election, but he is arguably one of the best candidates to run for office in decades. His chances are slim, but they are non-existant if everyone takes the apathetic dipshit status that is becoming popular of late.

Its funny to think that not to long ago I shocked many people by daring to look at humanity in an apathetic and nihilist way (in a philosophy group). The thread (in the philosophy group) was about a paper written by Noam Chomsky called “The Responsibility Of Intellectuals”. Everyone took for granted that humanity had to be looked out for, end of discussion.

My response was to simply ask, Why? Why is it that humanity has to be looked out for, end of story?
The logic behind that for me was hardly sinister, or even pessimistic. My logic was that one is more driven to protect something if they have a good reason. Think about it from the prospective of a suicidal person.
If they have decided that life is dull, empty and otherwise pointless, using empty rhetoric is likely not going to do anything. But if you provide them with a solid reason (your children, your unfinished works of art or writings etc), than they have more of a drive to keep on chugging.

Of course, I rarely got that far with anyone. Most were content to assume I was just a horrible person, someone to throw mindless criticisms at from a high horse.

I thought that was amusing then. Being in a philosophy group, and being criticized for, exploring an issue philosophically. But now, that reaction is even more hilarious.

Back then, many regular people (presumably liberals) freaked out at just THE NOTION of viewing humanity from a nihilistic standpoint. Now, many are getting away with not just nihilism, but flat out pessimism.

Back when I questioned why it was so important to keep humanity going, I had a reason. These lazy liberal fucks have none.

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