Things That Annoy Me – Part 8

37.) Facebook contests


It appears that many in the comment area see though this, by the commentary (many people saying that they will share their win with anyone that likes their comment). Or maybe that is me being hopeful.

Either way, if you share/like/whatever such posts because you actually believe someone is going to spit their winnings with you . . . . you are a gullible fool. If you are one of those people that does not REALLY believe it, but you shared the post just in case . . . you are a gullible fool.

I am not sure on the math, but im pretty sure that you have better odds of winning the lottery with your own ticket, than you would of being picked to share the big payoff with the person pictured. First, are the odds of the pictured ticket winning ANYTHING. Than, there is the odds of being selected from the (currently) 56,823 people that like the image at current.

Just buy a ticket. I did!

And if you re-blog this post and kiss my ass in the process, you may share in my new found wealth!

DISCLAIMER: Author is known to be chronically full of shit.

Disclaimer aside, I likely have better odds of being killed by another falling Malaysian triple 7. Either way, NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Ticket was a loser. No soup for anyone.

Now as for the facebook contest memes again, this is also true for anyone that offers you a free iPhone, iPad or any other gadget. Again, this should be obvious. But like the people that thought Bill Gates would donate some specified amount for every person that forwarded a given chain email (remember those days?), no one is getting anything.

Well, besides easy pickings at (in those days) hundreds of thousands of email addresses to spam. Or in this day and age, hundreds of thousands of names. Though not all of those email addresses were necessarily belonging to gullible persons (many of us had people that would forward most any chain message they received, and thus be included in these things by default), most sharing idiotic memes, are gullible fools.

38.) People That Litter

I live in a smaller city, and almost anywhere one could find themselves walking, there is trash containers available. Be it public cans on the street or outside businesses, or household cans in back allys (or even business bins), such facilities are available. So use them.

Don’t be a useless twat that has to dump your fast food food remains out the car window, or a thoughtless cunt that dumps your ashtray outside of the car door, anywhere.

I don’t even overly LIKE this city all that much, yet I apparently have more respect than many of these idiots that claim to love it.

39.) Supermarket Promo Blindness

This one is less an annoyance, than it is an amusement really. How many are apparently to blinded by the big weekly promo, to see anything else.

For example, say canned Mandarin oranges are on sale in a given store for 10 for $10 (limit of 10). They are higher end store branded, and they are shelved in next to the stores value brand of the same item (in the context of lablaw, think of presidents choice as the higher end, and No Name being the value brand).
Often times you will find that the sale item is picked clean, but the slightly cheaper (and limitless, in that you can buy more then 10 if you want) lesser brand is fully stocked, not one can touched.

As far as I can tell, they are the exact same thing. Just priced differently, by a penny. In the context of a purchase of 10, that is 10 cents. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but its still better than nothing.

Another thing that amuses me is, promo name brand blindness.

Say you need, coffee whitener. I like to buy in bulk amounts when at all possible, so I go for the larger tins or packages. That week, the name branded variety is on sale, and well shopped. But the nearby store brand variety of the same item is untouched, though being a dollar LESS than the name brand promo price.

Some do not like store brand products for different reasons (a big one being that they do not match the perceived quality of their name branded counterparts). And they may be right. But most of the time, the extra dollars here and there is more important than something only SLIGHTLY better, many times.

40.) People That Laugh At Ignorant People

A few days ago, I found myself out at at a coffee shop at 3 in the morning, drinking tea and watching inane youtube crap with a couple people I know. I tend to tune such stuff out, being I have no use for it, and frankly flat out despise much of it.

Either way, at some point I found myself viewing a segment off of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. It had a blond women (yeah . . .), and she was ignorant of, a great many things (including of the country status of many places in Europe).
The first thing that annoyed me was, Jeff Foxworthy’s sexist comments. Fuck you. If that is what you have to do for a laugh, than you are lower than the lowest on the comedic ladder (think Daniel Tosh).

The second thing that annoyed me was how readily everyone (including my friends, unfortunately) was laughing at this poor girls ignorance of Europe. Yeah, she made an ass herself on national television. But considering the state of the education system in many areas of the southern states, I felt more bad for her than anything.

Its interesting that many (if not all) in the audience, Foxworthy, and many viewing the clip now likely view it with the mindset that is “Wow, she is STUPID!”. I will agree that there is stupidity. But it is not from her.

Indeed, she was lacking seemingly common knowledge. But again, this may not have necessarily been her fault entirely (you can’t always control the circumstances you are born into). She is ignorant, but contrary to popular belief, such does not necessarily equate to stupidity. I personally define the 2 by how someone processes the information upon getting it.

ignorant – Someone lacking of given knowledge.

Stupid – Someone that has been exposed to a set of new knowledge (or had incorrect knowledge corrected), but refuses to accept the knowledge as true or factual. This only includes subjects that are provable in fact, and not ambiguous subjects (eg. the paranormal).

Though I defined the word stupid in a way that is more suited to typical internet debate, it also fits in this situation. If you laugh at someone of lesser knowledge and/or intellect without considering that the ignorance may not have been of their fault, your stupid. Far more stupid than her.

Before you go judging someone else by their failings of education, it be wise to realize that your amusing yourself by laughing at people you consider stupid.

The poor girl that made an ass of herself on national television likely had a reason to for being not so bright. What is your excuse?

41.) Idiots On Immigration


Though this one is branded for Canada, I am sure such memes exist for pretty much every nation with major immigration (which at this point, is pretty much every first world nation). And they all annoy me.

Fit in or fuck off . . . what does that even mean?!

Speak Canadian?

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