Fuck You Android

I was working on a new (fairly long) post for the past few hours VIA my droid tablet (with attached keyboard) in the WP app. Something that I have done without incident many times before.

But for some reason, tonight I have had butter fingers. My fingers found themselves somehow hitting the keys that highlight all the text (without me noticing). I notice aftter I type a letter, because everything vanishes in an instant.

I had this happen maybe 200 words in ONCE, but I started again (shit happens, and I had a better way of explaining it anyway). But a few minutes ago, it happened again. With the accidential touch of the right combination of keys, my work again vanishes like a puff of smoke.

If the copies were not auto-saved in the background (of which I doubt, being that the apps don’t auto-upload to my knowledge) then i am starting from scratch. AGAIN.

First of all, fuck whomever made this so easy to do. And 2ed, is there a way to disable all of these fucking shortcuts?

2 thoughts on “Fuck You Android

  1. Fuck android. The last two phones I got from them were pieces of shit. The mini-USB jack hardly works at all when it comes to holding the damn cord in place so it becomes a massive fucking balancing act to get the piece of shit to charge. The audio port also broke about 2 weeks into getting it but thats alright because its not like this god awful phone will recognize any MTB connection anymore. Fuck you Android, fuck you US Cellular

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    1. I’ve had my own issues with droid since this tablet. I thought it was a Samsung problem, but I’ve realized now that it was more likely negligent practices on the part of my provider.

      I signed a new 2 year contract for a new S5 last October. Its an outdated phone, but it was “free” (no down payment) , which works for me. I don’t mind something a bit old as long as it works (the 4S I replaced it with was also out of date 2 years back).

      The phone worked great for the first 18 days (naturally! Since the grace trial period is 15 days!). But then it went haywire. Was moving between a facebook chat and cooking (phone a few feet away on the table) when it started rebooting constantly. Ended up bringing it back to the store, and sending it off for repair (and using a loaner S5).

      The device came back 2 weeks later, but it was unrepaired, due to Samsung deeming it “rooted”. A term that is now familiar to me (after researching this), but was asinine then (“What the fuck is Rooted?!”). Since I had not done anything like that to the phone (nor let anyone else fuck around with it), I assumed it manufacturer negligence of warrantee. So I paid out the remainder of the subsidy (which hurt!) and decided to go after Samsung. In proving my case, I voluntarily combed the web for details of proving a phones condition. I learned of a program called knox that tracks ROM flashes in Samsung devices, and so that was where I started. Brand new phones should be unchanged (or 0×0, as its shown).

      Problem was, on doing this test, I seen 0x1, warrantee void. And the phone was also running a custom ROM AND binary.

      This clarified things a bit. It showed that Samsung had (as irritating as it is to swallow) not done anything wrong (the warrantee was void!). But it also meant that I had no warrantee from the minute I left the phone store with the device. And that either the sales person fucked up the initial setup of the device, or the programmers sent it out refurbished for sale without realizing that they tripped knox (and thus the warrantee). I figure this due to having an LG with no such knox feature, and due to coming across another story in a forum of a tripped S5 being sold out though an otherwise reputable retailer in Canada. And the S5 is currently unrooted, as if it was corrected before being forwarded on.

      But none the less, im stuck with a very expensive and shiny water proof paperweight. Though I have scoured the internet looking for possible leads to prove that I was not the voider of the devices warrantee, I’ve come up empty on all counts. And I have looked ALL OVER THE PLACE. Seeking out information is a pass time for me.

      So I guess now I have to figure out what to do with it. I will try and flash a rom onto it to see if that solves it. But if the freezing is caused by hardware (a $500 fix, as per Samsung), I guess its being sold for parts. There is no way im throwing more money at that piece of shit.

      As for my provider . . . fuck them. When my current subsidy is less painful to get rid of, I am done. And they are being added to the list of companies that I will NEVER deal with again (along with Apple and Samsung).


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