“Milo Yiannopoulos vs Atheism” – The Rubin Report

The first thing I want to say is, I am glad Dave Rubin left TYT behind. Though I was not sure how this change of venue (TYT to ORA TV) would change his show, it has really allowed him to bloom. Everything has been better than his previous show. Though apt previously to think he was not much further above the average Cenk Uygur or Anna Kasparian, I am glad to have been proven wrong. I have seen some great interviews so far (check out Micheal Steel’s at politicon if politics is your thing). Keep up the good work!

As for the clip, I choose to share this one, because it is hilarious. And also enlightening.

First off, Milo (someone who I had never heard of before) took the piss out of many atheists brilliantly (I love British expressions). The best accusation was the thin skinned thing, because it is SO true. Be it Josh Feuerstein, Ken Ham, Kevin Sorbo or (more recently) Kent Hovind, the worst crime online is to offend the intelligence of an atheist. Even though such stupidity would remain in the shadows (where it belongs!) if it were ignored, all MUST make a video, mock it on social media and otherwise give the platform coverage. Thus attracting more to it, and playing into the whole persecution narrative. Which only furthers their popularity more!

A more recent example of this that originated within the atheist community itself, was a fellow that I will call AIU. He started a feud between Jaclyn Glenn and the Drunken Peasants over (of all things), black people and crime. It has since turned into a pissing match of ad homs, but even I tried to have a bit of a conversation on twitter (twice. the first time, typing errors made an ass of me. But I was more iOS careful after that).

His (AIU’s) problem was he was accused of racism. Because he only recognized the statistic that is, Black people commit more crimes on average. While that (at least in the context of the United States) is true, that is not the whole picture.
On average, that demographic also tends to be the lowest on the economic ladder. When the education system in the poorest of areas is substandard, and when there are very few legitimate employment opportunities to be had, its no surprise that people may turn down the wrong path. It does not make it RIGHT. But you can not hope to fix the problem of crime within a economically challenged area without first addressing poverty.

Its akin to fixing a 30 foot hole in a freeway by surrounding it with orange barriers and calling it a day. You applied a bandaid to the wound, but it is still there. And not only that, it is only getting worse. Which makes the remedying of the problem only more difficult and expensive.

I used that example, partly because of the state of american infrastructure (it is only getting worse with each passing year). But I also used this example because, it could serve as a gigantic economic opportunity. Give many people in economic distress (no matter their ethnicity!) legitimate and honest work, and bring Americas infrastructure back from the brink. 2 birds with one stone (3 if you count the problems of high unemployment (crime included!) that will be largely alleviated by this boom in jobs).

Either way, I tried to engage AIU using this nuanced position. He stated that nothing else mattered but the statistics, I disagreed (obviously!). Though we went back and fourth 4 or 5 times, it ended with an ad hom from him (“You are an ignorant sack of shit”). So ended that conversation, and any further interactions with him.

Which should arguably have been the end of ALL interaction with this idiot. After being proven wrong so many times both publicly (though videos and podcasts) as well as individually  (twitter/other interactions), it should be obvious that nothing is to be gained by furthering the conversation. So move on and let him have his little irrational and racist youtube and twitter outlet. But that didn’t happen.

My last tweet at this fellow was sent on the 17th of July. But still, this guy keeps coming up often in atheist oriented discussion spaces. Sometimes because the fans of bigger names enjoy the drama, so they keep engaging.

To those guys (enjoying the drama) . . . . . give your head a shake. Of all the places where your energy could be focused, THIS is where you put it? REALLY?

Not to mention that if the goal is promoting the atheist community as the reational group, then this prolonged limelight on the irrational is NOT helping. You try and reason with fact, and if that fails, move on.
This whole back and fourth is good for NO ONE. Well, no one besides the one getting all the attention.

As for another example, I turn to the Drunken Peasants again. Often in a segment called “crazy people”, Josh Feurstein’s videos are featured. And sometimes with guests presant, they will tell the guest (who is normally horified) the number of facebook followers Josh has . . . . around 2 million.

All can not believe that he would attract so many followers, and indeed, it is hurtful to the brain. But it also brings about a pang of annoyance. Since a part of the reason for a great many of those followers, IS podcasts like the Drunken Peasants giving people like Josh a platform.
Again, people can run their podcasts however they choose (in this case, its what many fans want. Unfortunatly). But I will none the less, give criticism where I deem it it due.

Turning back to the Milo interview, while we differ on one big aspect of his argument (I don’t think that Atheists are entirely wrong philosophically), he did make many amusing observations about the community that I really enjoyed.

One thing he also noted in the video, was problems within the gay communities new found power (accusations of bullying). On the topic of memories pizza (I may or may not have covered that in a post), I had not previously heard this angle. And should this prove truthful, it is a disturbing trend. As they noted, the same shit that the Christians have pulled for years against the GLBTQ+ community, may now be rearing its head in reverse.
Which is another reason why this interview proved interesting. While I am unsure if Milos views on feminism (see that segment in the related feed in the link above) are entirely agreeable (I need more research to know), he displays well an understanding and observation of what can happen when these groups get any power.

Its happening with feminism, as the 3ed wave idiot narrative gains headway. I am told that the debate in academia is fairly healthy, but such scholarly debates are not where the focus is. The focus is on the idiots brought together by social media segregation. And though their attitude and demeanor may be just as toxic as the toxic masculinity many ramble on about, they are gaining the most ground. Possibly even with the UN and Google.

So its not really surprising that this would happen with the gay community to.

To close, I encourage all to watch the clip. I got many laughs out of it.

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