A Dream – Edition 4

This set of dreams was, interesting to say the least. One involved a spaying operation that my cat went though yesterday. The other involved some employment (and life) issues that have been bothering me recently (well, longer than that, but they only intensified recently).

Let’s start with the first.

It involved me working. It involved me doing what I normally would be doing, only at Walmart (as opposed to my place of employment). Not only was I working there, I was also (for some reason) in my current company’s uniform. A lady (I can imagine was my boss, or at least that was the role I seemed to assign to her) told me to follow her, and so I did.

We walked into a womens clothing section (get your mind outta there! It’s not that kind of dream. Unfortunately). On the way I seen a coworker of mine also working there (forget his attire) and another coworker of mine just around. Neither interacted with one another or me.

But it ends in us (me and the lady) arriving in front of a display of colorful bras. My task was to watch for thieves stealing them. I also remember having to put on a mask to do it, for some reason.

Indeed, it is one of the stranger dreams I have had. But most of it can be traced to dealings in reality.

The Walmart setting could be a number of triggers, but most likley because a friend gave me some canned catfood that can only be purchased there (it was mentioned). And I come across the flier weekly, and other references.

The co-workers are obviously because they are ever presant in my reality.
The whole situation could be a reflection of my inner termoile with my working life.

The part about watching for thieves is explainable to work again, since theft is apparently on the rise (and so there is vocal reminders to be vigilant).

But why my mind had me standing gaurd against bra thieves (and why that required a mask) is beyond me.

The next dream, was more a night terror. Though most likley a mere nightmare. It’s weird.

Either way, I was awakened from the previous dream by my one cat (at 4am) making a weird yoweling noise (alike the sounds she has made when in heat). It startled her kitten, because I felt a thud as he settled in by my feet.
It must have been a kitty nightmare, because I called her and gave her a few pets, and she went back to sleep. As did I.

Anyway, later I woke up and looked over at the hall where my cat was snoozing. And on the white pillow, I see blood. A mess of it all over the place, and my cat cut open (her insicion didn’t hold). So I panic and try and get things together . . .

And that fades out, and I wake up (in reality). I look over and kitty is snoozing away, in one piece. Thank goodness.

Apparently my mind was either reflecting on The Walking Dead, or running wild with the words of the vet (“you need to keep her quiet for the next couple days while the wound heals, or she may split it open”).


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