Things That Annoy Me – Part 9

42.) People That Use “Faith” In Their Name On Social Media

When I see this, I do not think

“Wow! This person likely has fun and insightful things to say!”.

What I actually think is:

“If I befriend this person, I will more than likely be inundated with Christ memes (“Comment Amen if he is your one and only lord and savier!”). And I will likely end up in a fight because they likley believe in free expression of Christians, but forget the philosophy when anyone else posts to their own personal timeline”

I am all for freedom of expression. The Christians do it enmass, the atheists do it with silly shirts like “BOO! I’m an atheist!”. It’s nice when the herd minded make themselves so obvious. It’s like running into someone wearing a t-shirt proudly proclaiming Jesus as lord, or a badge that reads “Put the CHRIST back in Christmas!”. A clue to stay the HELL away.

But what I also think of when I see this, was the last person I know to have done this in the past. A person that called themselves a devote Christ follower even in high school.

A person that has preached the gospel to (or judged, depending on the day) my fellow atheist/emo friends in high school (they wore a lot of black, and I didn’t, though I felt on their level emotionally). A person that fucked their then boyfriend in the back of their church (something even I had enough respect to not do. Well, at that time anyway). Someone that has had many fuck buddies. Someone that ignores the premarital sex thing, but follows the “NO CONTRACEPTION!” doctrine.

Now, again, not my life, not my problem. And I’m sure that not ALL Christians are that full of shit.

But the more you wave the cross, the less your fooling me.

43.) People That Feel A Need To Convince You That You Should Love Your Job. Because They Do

Some of these people do this out of the best of intentions. Some people do it just to try and shut you up. Some people do it just to try and make an often biased point (“you may think the grass is greener on the other side, but it is not”). But none the less, no matter what the intention or reason for saying it, it’s still annoying.

So you found yourself a job that you love, within a company that you love. Awesome. But even if the picture looks clear and positive to you, everyone has a different perspective, both as a person and within the organization itself. And no matter how hard you try to convince these naysayers that they are wrong, what they see can not be unseen.

Now, this kind of attitude is not necessarily permanent. Day to day operations can have a lot to do with that. But this is valuable information that you will miss if you choose to let your perspective drown out their concerns.

And it’s information that could end up costing you money, if your status quo has unnecessary inefficiency, or if this bleeds into increased turnover. It costs an employer much less to maintain a steady workforce than it does to maintain an environment with high turnover.

44.) People That Think Metalheads Are Intolerant

It’s not so much a matter of Metalheads being intolerant (and not open to any other music) as is often alleged. It’s more a matter of, most everything else is GARBAGE. The musical equivalent of the ubiquitous plastic freezer bag that you can find in any store selling groceries. And much of it isn’t much more individualized than thay said freezer bag either.

Not to mention that when it comes to intellectual (or just plain intelligent) lyrics, one is hardly likley to find that in country, hip hop, pop (uh), or even rock.

Rock has its place in my musical diet, but certainly not for its mind expansion purposes.
Well, unless you count Neil Young’s new Anti-monsanto album that the GMO fear mongers have been gushing about.

No, I’m not kidding.

I can respect a man with a healthy protest attitude. But like Ralph Nader (I dissected a recent viral piece on GMO’S by him), I think that Neil has aligned himself with a sham cause this time around.

45.) People That Believe “Real Men *Blah* *Blah*

This is one typical of high school life, or male health and life enhancement websites and magazines. The notion that “Real Men Do/Don’t Do This”.

No. Men that have to follow a leader do or don’t do those things.
While some of this is just outward window dressing (“A REAL MAN drives a half ton!”), there are times when it bleeds into the area of body image and physical traits. For example, the well sculpted men that often dawn magazines and male health publications. If presented as a mandatory standard for a happy and well sexed existence (it’s part of being a male), then this imagery is just as damaging as airbrushed celeberty women. Though males are typically not depicted using unreasonable (or false) standards, the wrong message can serve as more of a deterrent to self improvement than a motivation.

One could also get into how this attitude could be seen as offensive to the transgender community. After all, consider that almost no one would have argued that Caitlyn Jenner was a real man, just 3 years ago. But I will not bother, because there is no need. It’s a stupid argument and concept without getting into the Trans angle.

What is a “real” man to me? It is someone that lives his life to his own way, uncaring of what standards society, social groups or other entity’s try and push on him. In fact, I would not even call such a person a “real” man. I would just call them a man.

I don’t give a fuck if the folk at a certain online men’s portal say “Women think men that like cats are weird”.
Well then they are stupid brainless morons, and I am glad they are repulsed by my prefrence of pussy over mutt. I’m repulsing stupid people from me? How unfortunate!

Be yourself, guys, gals, or whatever shade you identify yourself as. It’s much more fulfilling than playing a part for the rest of your days.

One thought on “Things That Annoy Me – Part 9

  1. I’ve been taking a look at some of your stuff and you’re obviously a very thoughtful guy with a lot of time on his hands. I mean this as constructive criticism, but I’d shorten your pieces if I were you. You wander a great deal and commingle issues – which is fine I suppose, but I don’t think your hammer strikes the anvil at the best angle to hold people’s attention for so long. Just input, please don’t take offense, there is none intended.

    Regarding this piece, in my opinion there are things that ‘real men’ should do because western civilization will collapse if they don’t:

    Real men should be persuaded more by facts they don’t like than opinions that they do. Tragically, that one is almost lost to North America.

    Real men should know when they’re being lied to, and should develop the skills to know when they’re getting half the story. This is more important than ever now that social media has lowered the quality of information available to everyone.

    Most of all though is this: Real men should think about cost and benefit every time they make a decision (this one too is nearly lost) and real men should be prepared to be held accountable for those decisions and not spend their lives blaming others for everything that happens to them.

    If I’ve gained one bit of wisdom in life it’s this: “As a man, no one cares how you feel, they on’y care what you do.” Everything is a test for men, all the time. You can pretend it isn’t and elect not to participate, but the world will spin on without you, and it will only mean that you’ve already failed.


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