Today is election day 2015 for Canadians (October 19th). And it is likley going to be a busy day at polling stations all over the nation, if the turnout at the advance polls was any indication.

But on social media, I have noticed a disturbing trend. There is  encouragement to vote, which is perfectly fine by me. But there is also some shaming of non-voters. Or the whole “If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain!” thing. Even some members in the media have been spreading this narrative.

Stop it.

I have voted in every election since turning 18, voting age. But though I take the democratic system that seriously, I do not shame people for deciding not to decide.
People have different reasons. They may not always necessarily be GOOD reasons. But none the less, it’s a personal choice.

So stop the nagging. Nagging rarely results in positive results anyway.

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