“REFUTED: “Let’s Just Nuke The Middle East!” (The Amazing Atheist)

Normally I like to write down my own thoughts on different issues and sucjects I cover. But here, I feel that TJ has covered it well enough.

Initially, I thought that this whole video was WAY to in depth of an analysis, considering the seriousness put into the argument  (people that spew shit like this do not go to stage 2 or 3 of evaluation of the ideas implications). But sometimes the only way to truly grasp how stupid  (or dangerous) an argument is, is reverse engineering the hell out of it. Something I do regularly as well.

Either way, yeah . . . Call this stuff out. I remember the Howard Stern broadcast in the days after 9/11, this sentiment came up quite a bit. Though it was just as stupid then as it is now, one has to consider that the man was not just living within the nation that got nailed, but in the same city (on the island in fact). People just went though a tragedy of a magnitude that is unparalleled to any in the nation’s history, so given that, irrational and reactionary sentiment is to be expected. So long as it goes away with time.

It has been 14 years. Though the sting of losing relatives may still be strong in some, I would have expected the irrational reactions of the early days to be long gone. I don’t think that an unreasonable expectation.

As for those that just act as armchair politicians (without any reason to be angry with Islam,  besides those you pick up from fox news), go into your bathroom and take a good look in the mirror.

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