What Is A MGTOW?

When it comes to the whole modern day gender equality debate, I like being a fly on the wall. Observing the winds, and throwing out criticisms when necessary.

As a part of this role I play, I come across many different terminologies. One that I have heard fairly often recently is MGTOW. Which leaves me asking what many are likely asking . . . What on earth is a MGTOW?

The acronym is short for Men Going Their Own Way. Basically, it’s a label for (primarily) straight males that have decided to swear off women and/or cut women out of their lives. I’m not sure which applies (both?) since most of the information I’m seeing has potentially  contaminated sources.
The group (or movement, as these groups call themselves these days) is an offshoot of the MRA (Men’s Rights Advocates) movement, the male retort to the feminist movement. Note that the previous sentence is not an insult to the MRA movement . . . . I see all esoteric group orientated movements as misguided, and frankly poisonous to human progress.

As defined, it seems that even I could loosely fit the term. Dating and women are not a big part of my life, and I do not plan on changing that anytime soon. But I would not accept a label that identifies me based on these characteristics. That would be silly and pointless. A bit like labeling myself with some acrynom due to my choice to swear off (say), sugar.

Though I (as always) do not write to tell people what to do (do as you please), I am bothered by this so called movement for a couple of reasons.

The first is a repetitive point that I have with almost all esoteric group oriented movements. One is that people actively involved in groups tend to be susceptible to group think. But more importantly, those that become to engrained in this ideology or that become plagued by ideological barriers.

One result of such pointedly ideological groups is a stalemate in debate (those that feel that THEY are right are not going to give an inch). Another risk of such situations is the focus becoming self serving to the point of being anti-egalitarian.

But I think one of the more worrying things about the MGTOW movement, are those that go all in, claiming to cut off ALL correspondence or connection to women in life.

First of all, how is that even possible? By that I mean, how far can you really go?
I can see that it may be easy to cut out women from ones social circle. But what about female co-workers? Family? Females in the service industry? Do you refuse to work with them (or to deal with them as a customer) as a matter of principal?

My other concern with this movement, is that it is just as dangerous as the toxic femininity that it is a reaction to.

Last December, I wrote a piece condemning modern day hysterical feminism, because I seen it as dangerous. And I’m not talking about the fucking disaster that has become of the questions of what is defined by rape and consent. I’m talking about, the real world impact that you have when you CONTINUOUSLY paint an entire gender with suspicion, along with ambiguous information on what constitutes consentual sexual encounters.
On the female side, you could generate irrational fears that prevent them from fully living life. And same goes for the male side.
I came across a Vice article that claims MGTOW’S swear off of women due to the poisonous results of mainstream radical feminism in today’s world. Though I have no doubt that piece is written from a highly biased feminist perspective (it’s just another of the progressive/alternative media’s MANY issues), I can also understand why some may feel that way.
There is so much ambiguous information in the wild on what is and isn’t considered rape, that it’s no wonder some just say “Fuck it! I’m out!”.

Then there is the problem of sexism. Total avoidance of a said gender is almost impossible without becoming sexist at some point.

Maybe I am misunderstanding this group, due to the information I’m using (highly questionable). If your part of the movement and come across this, feel free to leave your piece in the comments.

All in all, my previous conclusions are the same. To me, at the very least, this groups existence is silly, and seemingly pointless. And at the most, it’s dangerous, in the barriers it enables and the risky mindsets it helps prop up.

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