Remembrance Day And Retail – Social Media Drops The Gavel

Ah, social media. Always quick to identify and rectify all of the most benignly offensive aspects of our cultural existence. Sure, veterans fall though the cracks of inefficient and otherwise useless VA systems the world over. But that’s fine. So long as that single HALF day we arbitrarily set aside to remember is not overshadowed by Christmas.

Above is a story (well, a non-story really) involving a grocery store in St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba. The store decided to forgo stocking Christmas items until after Remembrance day.

I respect their decision to publicly avoid starting the holiday retail rush before the day of remembrance has even happened. Though I am curious if this is a regularly occurring phenomenon, or just a ploy for social media attention. A yearly phenomenon that just happened to get picked up this year by social media is cool. But not if it’s a mere act for publicity.

I get the resistance to “Christmas In August!”. Even I was annoyed by this week’s flier arrivals, being that pretty much every single one was already pushing the holidays (the brats are hardly done with their sugar feast!). But that is not on account to remembrance day. Being annoyed by this, is laughable really.

Take this little grumpy cat meme that’s going around social media.


As is typical in many of these social media reactionary phenomenons, though there is arguably guilt on both sides of the table, we’re only aknowledging 1 side. Those greedy retailers being disrespectful to our veterans for decorating early.

First of all, as to the “don’t you even think about” wording . . . Fuck off. It is not offensive OR disrespectful to display Christmas and holiday items before remembrance day. If this is really your argument, then your a fucking moron.

Considering that remembrance day ITSELF, the day that were supposed to be worrying about, is but a HALF day. Everything is closed for the morning, but after 1pm, it’s business as usual. And though the public enmass could wait one day before resuming status quo consumption, many do not. Decorated with poppies out of “respect”, yet unable to spare even 1 single FULL day.

And yet, people say I should wear a poppy or fear judgment for not doing so. And these same people are going to judge retailers and businesses for “disrespecting the vets” due to decorating early.

To these people, I say . . . . Fuck YOU!

That may seem a bit harsh, considering the subject matter. But how else do you break though the wall of sheep-think and stupid that often surrounds these social media phenomenons?

Look in the mirror.

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