UK Couple Could Face Fine For Anti-Child Device

This article gave me a bit of a chuckle.

Though I do not know many specifics of the case, it seems to me to be a fed up next door neighbor taking a complaint about noisy children to the next level. Because I know the feeling.

Working in a grocery store that increasingly cators to the budget consious public (and having lost 3 grocery stores in the area), there has been an increase in families shopping. It’s noticeable, because there are more loud and obnoxious children around than before. One child even regularly screams at the top of their lungs.
And though some parents try and get their children to behave in a more civilized manor, others don’t. Just waddle along empty eyed and dumb, filling the cart with sugary cereals decorated with Minions, Star Wars or other cartoon characters.

Yeah. It’s no surprise that on some days, my brain continuously loops some Tool song.

Either way, I am confident that the people interviewed in the piece were just finding their own solution to a constant problem. I have no doubt that they tried to go the diplomatic way, but never got anywhere. You can also get a picture of the type of people your dealing with just by how they behave.
In the media, they call their device using neighbors “Nasty people”.
It’s a sign of the stupid . . . Anger.

Though I am out of the loop on details, this just seems to be another set of parents that thinks that they are immune from criticism (or civility!) Just because they have a child.

Though the world increasingly does pander to even the stupidest of parents, this should not be the case.
Though I am ethically against bringing yet more children into resource consuming existence (as should any environmentalist that isn’t kidding themselves), I am not prejudiced against them. I do not react to their presence like a clan member happening onto the BET network.
However, I just expect a level of respect. Sometimes kids are loud, sometimes they cry for reasons that are uncontrollable. Fine.

But this does not make their rowdy behavior my problem. I did not choose to have the child, YOU did. So just because your choice brought with it some unexpected headache, does not mean that the whole restaurant should have to share in that misery (or the whole store, or the whole neighborhood).

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