“How Ahmed The Clock Boy Conned America” (Dusty Smith / Cult Of Dusty)

Though I have spoken out in disagreement to Dusty in the past a few times, I have to say that this video is pretty good. Its good in that its message is one that I often find myself communicating to social media consuming society at large . . . . don’t be so gullible, or you will make it very easy for those with bad intent to swindle and deceive you. Though I sound like a broken record with all the times that I have said it here and elsewhere . . . its still required!

I once said in an entry about people using the phrase “I swear to god!” to either predate or follow a blatant lie, that this is a good thing.
It is indeed deceptive and angering to some. But the only reason that is owes to these people placing much weight on the holy religious concepts of god. It seems sacrilegious to lie about such a thing from their perspective, so they just can not fathom others would be able to. Yet this willful ignorance makes them pray for anyone that understands how they operate and has a psychopathic conscience towards their values.
My favorite example of this is illustrated brilliantly by South Park, in the Episode Christian Rock Hard, when Cartmen looses his temper over not reaching the heights he thought his band would (platinum).

Apologies for the quality (can’t find anything better). But you get the idea.

As mentioned before, I like when people are found to be hiding deception behind sacred ideals (Christian principals, military honor etc) because the more often it happens, the less strength the previous “no one would be openly sacrilegious!” mindset has going forward. Which should both help people to recognize when they are being pandered to by busted liars, and also should help them have a better chance at spotting the bigger threat . . . the cheats that have not (and may never) be caught.

Going back to Ahmed Mohammed, I have to credit another YouTuber for bringing this story to my attention some time before this. Though the story has had a lot of recent traffic due to the ridiculous lawsuit, Someguy827 seen though this kid (and his family) back in September.


Use both videos not for the viewpoints held by their makers, but for the information that they contain. And if you were one of the people to buy into this, simply do more research next time. Its a simple action that in its lacking, is the cause of a large amount of the internet based stupid I come across at any given time.

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