Feminist Stupidity Strikes Again

I came across this
whilst watching The Exchange on the CBC News channel (of all places). The story involved a fellow named Michael Moritz (venture capitalist at
Sequoia Capital) whom said a very unfortunate thing in an interview with Bloomberg reporter Emily Chang.
Upon being asked about his firms hiring policies regarding recruitment of female investment partners, he replied (directly quoted):

“We look very hard. In fact, we just hired a young woman from Stanford who’s every bit as good as her peers. And if there are more like her, we’ll hire them. What we’re not prepared to do is to lower our standards.


Needless to say the masses of Twitter and elsewhere on social media erupted in anger at the man. And rightfully really, to a degree.

For one thing, GET A CLUE.

The world is under a state of hyper feministic and political correct ideals. Though I understand the message, there was likely a better way to word it.

Now onto that point (time to bitch slap the social media stupids).

Though the message sounds bad, look at the context. The firm is looking for qualified women to join its ranks, but they are not prepared to lower their typical standards just to diversify in the name of appeasing the PC crowd. Otherwise known as, A RATIONAL HIRING POLICY!

When it comes to any job or opportunity, it should always go to the most qualified candidate, whatever the background.
It reminds me of applying for government jobs here (Canada). The application states (paraphrased) “are you a visible minority? All visible minorities are given priority”.


Yes . . . but that does not mean I should get the job! If a cook position is a tossup between my metis ass and a brilliantly white male with a culinary degree, GIVE THE JOB TO THAT GUY!

While Michael Moritz may have shown his sheltered nature by way of this comment, its nothing more than an unthoughtful statement.

As for the accusations of misogynist attitudes in the firm . . . if you spend the vast majority of your time LOOKING for misogyny, your bound to find it.

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