“Monsanto to Be Put on Trial for ‘Crimes Against Nature and Humanity’” (Ecowatch) – Cue The Drama!


I came across this article today in reading my various newsletters. While amusing, it is also enraging. Take this:

“The time is long overdue for a global citizens’ tribunal to put Monsanto on trial for crimes against humanity and the environment,” Ronnie Cummins, international director of the Organic Consumers Association and Via Organica, said. “We are in Paris this month to address the most serious threat that humans have ever faced in our 100-200,000 year evolution—global warming and climate disruption. Why is there so much carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere and not enough carbon organic matter in the soil? Corporate agribusiness, industrial forestry, the garbage and sewage industry and agricultural biotechnology have literally killed the climate-stabilizing, carbon-sink capacity of the Earth’s living soil.”

Oh the drama. Monsanto literally KILLED the earths ability to sustain us naturally (dare I say, organically?).

First, the evil M is but one business in the biotech industry. 2ed, many of you idiot protesters of the tech of Monsanto may not even be ALIVE without biotechnology. I don’t care what you eat now, how organic or carbon neutral your diet is. Mankind out populated the earths organic ability to sustain its entire populace decades ago, so chances are your alive due to the petroleum driven bio-tech wave. You may have moved on from that starting point diet, but you still owe your life to the tech.

No, I am not trying to frame some kind of privilege argument with this. And this does not mean that a system that brought a big boost to the species should not be made more efficient and sustainable, while also being less destructive from an ecological perspective.

I assume that most of these people making the crimes against humanity accusation against Monsanto, think that their existence is a good thing. Therefore it seems odd that a VERY large contributor to this very existence, would be a “crime against humanity”.

And SPEAKING of crimes against humanity. . . Golden rice? Remember that?

A strain of rice that was engineered by Syngenta to develop the same beta carotene as found in carrots. The purpose here being to bring the invaluable nutrient vitamin A easily into the diets of the third world less fortunate. You know, people whom don’t have the option of heading to their local Whole Foods Market and buying organic, non-GMO free range carrots.
Seeing the potential for controversy at the hands of the irrationally GMO fearing masses in advance, Syngenta removed all stakes they had in the project by handing the reins to a charity. Evil deeds afoot!

But even after this, as far as I know, this project is still not implemented. Because of the cries of fear and outrage from the first world GMO fearing morons.
If you look into this, the lies are blatant. Some sources do not even acknowledge that the project was handed away from Syngenta.

And these people are pointing the finger at big biotech for perpetrating crimes against humanity. Fuck you.

Also, why the fuck are we listening to the Organic Consumers Association. ITS AN ORGANIC INDUSTRY LOBBY GROUP YOU MORONS!

Everyone with their fucking bubbles. Perfectly able to see industry trickery on one side, but blind to it on their own.

This whole debate (Big Biotech Vs Humanity) is described as a David Vs Goliath battle. The big evil money hungry biotech firms vs, everyone else.
And in a way, I agree. However, not with how the battle lines are drawn.

Big biotechnology, like any other rich industry, does hold much more political clout and power than they should. Its unreasonable to think that this status does not buy favors that benefit the industry.

But the Organic industry is hardly a saint in comparison.

Though they may not have had the big money (at least to begin with) as big biotech had to throw around, they had social media and the internet.
It does not take long to figure out that the vast majority of people that join online movements do not research them in depth. So all you need to do is foster an air of uncertainty over the safety of GMOs using a flimsy scientific argument, and the work is done. Many go flat out into bullshit claims, but for the sake of this, uncertainty works fine.

Now you have not just cast doubt on GMOs that is very hard (if not impossible) for their representatives to alleviate, but you have also created a market for your wares.
A few months back Ecowatch ran a piece entitled something to the nature of Sales of Organic Foods Up 300%!.
Well, no shit Sherlock!
Its amazing what happens when you destroy your competitors by falsely destroying consumer trust in their products!

Big Biotech has to much influence in the world. But Big Organic is just as slimy, maybe even WORSE!
Everyone has a shareholder to appease, and so everyone is full of shit. You ideologically driven fools are but pawns.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a better tomorrow. But get your head out of your ass.

Vandana Shiva, physicist, author, activist and founder of Navdanya agrees. “Monsanto has pushed GMOsin order to collect royalties from poor farmers, trapping them in unpayable debt and pushing them to suicide,” she said. 

Lie. From a chronic liar. A chronic liar that the left continually holds in esteem. Despite the person being a chronic fucking lier.

People and their boxes!

The sole attribution for the suicide claim in the Al Jazeera story is a hyperlink for “250,00 farmers,” which takes readers to a 2012 opinion column by writer Belen Fernandez (who actually reports the number of suicides as “nearly 300,000”), which she supports by linking to a 2009 op-ed by Vandana Shiva in the Huffington Post. Shiva is a prominent Indian-born environmentalist who, for the past decade, has said repeatedly that Monsanto’s “suicide seeds” have triggered a “genocide” in rural areas of India.

The Monsanto-Indian famer suicide connection is a recurring motif for Shiva. She raises it when she references Monsanto or GMOs in her many writings, media interviews, and public talks. I heard her expound on it during a recent talk on sustainability that she gave at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York City.

Shiva’s words are treated with earnest respect in liberal and environmental circles, where she is held in great esteem. If she insists that Monsanto and its GMO seeds have driven hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers to suicide—and she has said this frequently—then there must be something to it

Do not worry. Unlike my GMO smearing opposition, I prove my claims.

As in much of the developing world, small-holder Indian farmers (those with less than two hectares of land) are most vulnerable to the vagaries of weather and climate change. They also have little access to institutional credit. As the World Bank has noted: “While India has a wide network of rural finance institutions, many of the rural poor remain excluded, due to inefficiencies in the formal finance institutions, the weak regulatory framework, high transaction costs, and risks associated with lending to agriculture.” Consequently, when purchasing seed, fertilizer, and other crop-related items, poor farmers often turn to private money lenders who charge high loan rates.

This financial burden is commonly cited for the wave of farmer suicides that the media—particularly in India—have been reporting the past decade. However, researchers studying the phenomenon also note that it has struck unevenly in cotton-growing regions of central and southern India, where the social and economic stressors vary. For example, a 2012 paper in The Lancet that surveyed India’s suicide mortality rate noted: “Studies from south India have shown that the most common contributors to suicide are a combination of social problems, such as interpersonal and family problems and financial difficulties, and pre-existing mental illness.”

Still, this much is known: More than 270,000 Indian farmers have taken their own lives since the mid-1990s, according to India’s National Crime Records Bureau. And that number is believed to be higher, although firm data is hard to come by. These deaths are real and they are tragic for the surviving families.

Both previously quoted items are from this source. I encourage all to read it in full.


In every story, there are 2 sides. Do not pick one just because the other makes a good case for you to believe theirs.

The world is filled with agendas, propaganda and bullshit. Never assume authenticity without checking first.

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