Is Trump Torpedoing His Own Campaign?

Having run across this on facebook (possibly due to talking about this recently in a couple places), Alternet (and Rachel Maddow, as referenced in the piece) are starting to ask the same question that occurred to me recently. Albeit, a bit differently.

I wrote in months previous, that while amusing, this whole Trump phenomenon scared me. Indeed the roots of it also brought Bernie up to heights previously unimaginable. But it also illustrated a problem. The problem you get when you have an ignorant, uninformed and downtrodden populace, and a leader that knows just how to engage them. The parallels to German history were\are hard to ignore.

But moving on, its recently occurred to me (after he apparently spoke a bunch of Jewish stereotypes to a group of influential Jewish voters) that this COULD be a show. He may know that he has no chance in hell of winning, but fuck it . . . the eyes of the world are on me! Lets have some fun and see how far I can push the lines!

While Alternet and Maddow don’t seem to be taking the poe candidate angle, they do agree that he seems to be deliberately bombing his own campaign. The obvious alternative is that he is such a big buffoon that he does not realize what he is doing. But even I find that, questionable.

What I do not question however, is his financial motivations. He is nothing without the Trump brand. But this little campaign of his is no longer just sabotaging his campaign (and the GOP, to our amusement), but also his business interests.

So while it may have been fun, and potentially the best position to make changes for his own business, he will likely get those changes anyway, no matter the candidate. Well, besides the obvious exception. Either way, he may be better served to drop the candidacy than to continue.

What do you think? Feel free to comment below.

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