Things That Annoy Me – Part 11

51.) Annoying Social Fax Paus

I know that this list will be as variable as all the people that exist on this earth. But here a just a couple of mine.

A.) The “Do you miss me?” text

This one originates from an old female friend of mine that I keep in contact with to this day despite having a rough past with (see the story in my very first post). Though this person has many traits that tend to annoy me (and some that are red flags to psychological traits one must be weary of), ive learned that its better to forgive than keep living in the past. And since everyone has flaws, you have to overlook those of others.

But no matter what, do not text this to people, particularly if your not dating. Hell, even if you ARE dating, don’t text this. Its annoying. It makes you look needy and seem narcissistic. And its just annoying.

B.) The Chat The Moment You Come Online Person

Back in the day, it was MSN messenger (maybe people remember AIM, ICQ or other chat platforms as well). Today, its primarily facebook messenger.

But none the less, the trait is the same. The moment this person sees you online, they have to send a “Hi!” or something of that nature. Back in the day, the telltale MSN messenger sound would alert you to the conversation (with the accompanying flashing window on your windows toolbar). Today, facebook alerts you with a distinctively annoying DING!. Which can cause a heart attack if in a quiet space with a turned up phone ringer.

Now, this is not to say that you should limit facebook (or other) conversations to important matters. We all like to shoot the shit. Its healthy interaction.

Just keep it healthy, by not expecting small talk or mindless chatter with EVERY digital encounter.
It matters a lot to me being an introvert with trouble maintaining small talk conversations (and for that matter, ending conversations period), but its annoying to anyone.

And again, it makes you seem needy. So quit it.

52.) Atheists Running On Automatic

I could go on for hours, when it comes to things about the atheist community that are fucking IRRITATING. And I have, counting the time that went into the various entries in the Atheism criticisms category.

Like this argument promoting all babies as born atheist. I have already covered this, so I won’t again (where to look is in this paragraph).

I don’t think the lack of self awareness displayed within the atheist community will ever quit being amusing. To think that this atheist (Bionic Dance) in particular is accusing people of running on automatic and bitching about living in a world of intellectually lazy and stupid people.

Uh . . . case in point?!

For one that likes to tell people to think all the time, your just as vapid as many a theist.
Hence a label I used to use when I first dumped the atheist community (aTHEIST). The only difference being the label and the condescending attitude.

The standalone philosophy of Atheism is not equatable to theism. I considered myself an Agnostic Atheist for the better part of half my life. I know what the terms mean.
However, you cross the line from personal philosophy into dogmatic religiosity when you (as a collective group!) start saying things like “if you don’t believe in god, your an atheist” or “all babies/rocks etc are atheist!”.
Though the actions of the atheist community as a whole betray a distinct vibe of religiosity (as defined by the word itself), this attempted forced conversion to ones personal mold certainly does not help.

And good god Dawkins . . . Really?!
I don’t expect much more then like minded clubs and mindless single topic tracked debate in the realm of social media irreligion, but your an academic. I would have expected more from you.

To end, THIS is thinking.

For the most part, this entire blog is the result of thinking.
For years, it has been filled with the rants and ravings of viewing a society that runs on automatic. Our species is likely ultimately fucked, because everyone is running on automatic.

But while I applaud people for doing what they can to help better the world, I have to see it in the context of the big picture.
Though the atheist community is helping to break religions stranglehold, its recent habit of promoting the label over all others is in the big picture, just doing harm. Freeing up from one set of walls, only to start friction and conflict from behind another.

Don’t run on automatic. Think.

I have.

53.) Holiday Overload

Its that time of year once more! The snow is flying, and Christmas is in the air!
Well, the snow has yet to fly here, as of December 12th (oddly enough for the Canadian prairies). And I have trouble getting into the holiday spirit, as in past years. But it is that time of year!

And you know it, the moment you enter most places. The music is blaring, and ever unchanging. Just the same old retail playlists that our likley grandparents shopped to. Over and over. Everywhere you go.

Is every 2ed song an option?

54.) Keep The Christ In Christmas

Oh shut up you ignorant and intolerant fool. How about put the pagan back in Christ mas? Seems more fitting. Though the whole religion of Christ was stolen from someone, you gotta start somewhere!

55.) Procrastination To The Point Of Dangerous. – Winter Tires

Its now December 9th, and I still run into people that comment “I guess I should put on my Winter tires soon”.

Ya think? It is only almost to the halfway mark of December. And it could have snowed already 2 months ago.

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