Milo Yiannopoulos vs Twitter

Its the 2ed time I have written a post about Milo Yiannopoulos taking on (or in this case, being taken on) by another group. Feminists hate his guts, much to my amusement. Last time I covered him, it was regarding his hilarious take on atheism, as displayed with his first interview with Dave Rubin. Though even I think he is philosophically wrong, he made a lot of accurate observations about the atheist community.
One that I remember the most, was a remark about atheists being “thin skinned”. It made me nearly hit the floor, having put myself into situations of dealing with such folks for a long time (before smartening up, and just going my own way in peace). And it was something that again came to mind, when viewing an interview with Milo on the Drunken Peasants (they often displayed the assertion perfectly).

That interview also brought out a lot of views of Milos that, shall we say, were surprising for such a person. Granted, the interview environment was not ideal (particularly regarding one person with little more then anecdotal material that kept butting in). But even so, Milo lost some credibility (with me anyway) after that.

None the less, as with any other situation, where we stand on various issues is not a deal breaker when it comes to my evaluation of a person. We have common ground, so that’s all that matters.
Its a lesson that the atheist community could benefit from. Not just as a whole (accepting secular as opposed to just atheist), but also within its ranks in terms of the rift between the Atheism+ SJW feminists verses everyone else that does not choose to accept the false “If you are not a feminist, than you are a bigot” dichotomy. Its not surprising that many whom already mindlessly accept one dichotomy would also adapt another. But its still a hindrance to the community as a whole.

Moving on, I recently learned that Twitter pulled Milo Yiannopoulos’s verification checkmark for (seemingly) reasons unknown. He has become well known in recent times for stirring up a lot of shit and pissing in a lot of peoples corn flakes, on Twitter and elsewhere. But as do many others (including verified individuals or entities). But though accounts can be locked, banned or otherwise reprimanded, never before has ones official status been lost.

Its hilarious if its a form of punitive action. The act smells like a thoughtless reaction of some offended ideologue that just happened to have an influential set of keys in their hand. Hardly the type of person that should be entrusted with such responsibility.

But with the increasingly safe-space oriented world we live in, I suspect we may see more of this down the road. If social media entities do not keep their guard up and keep ideological perpetrators at bay, speaking about many issues could become even more cumbersome than it already is.

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