“Devastating Trump Ad Exposes Flip-Flops” – (David Pakman Show)

Many of these previously cited views are part of the reason I suspected awhile ago that Trump was trying to torpedo his own campaign.


I suppose that what I am proposing equates to a conspiracy theory. And it would fly in the face of the whole Trump as a buffoon theory that me and others have suspected all along. Is Donald Trump any more capable of behind the scenes trickery than George Bush Jr with the 9/11 attacks?

Its a good question.

Note: I am not a truther.

Anyhow, these previous associations paint a very interesting picture. Not just of Trumps friendliness to the Clintons and the Democratic party. All of the different positions seem to betray very much liberal views.

Its entirely possible that it was all just window dressing to appease his then political affiliate (the left). A game of which he seems to be playing now, albeit to the opposite crowd. Bernie is uniting the holders of his old views, while Donald is uniting the pissed off and ignorant idiots.

It all looks VERY interesting, if one considers this all to be a show. As David Pakman is now, and I did before.

Its easy to see why one would wonder if he really believes all that he is spewing. But if he does not, then why?

Is it true political ambitions as a change from the world of big business? Or is it just a circus put on, just because the spotlight is on him? A political Trojan horse of sorts? 

If you view things from the prospective that is he believes all that he is saying, then that is indeed, a scary prospect. Having a business man with  multiple bankruptcies on his resume is bad enough, let alone the rest of his platform. If a potential Trump presidency is viewed from that perspective, then as a friend of mine from work said, “God help us”.

However, if we look at this from the perspective that the whole thing is just a giant circus of craziness and buffoonery, then the end game changes entirely. Rather then terrifying, the whole affair becomes hilarious.

Many say that Donald Trump (and his following) are the product of years of Fox news and right wing conditioning.
Marilyn Manson once said that he is a product of American culture. Donald Trump (unfortunately) is also a product of american culture.

That said, if one views things from the perspective that is he knows exactly what he is doing, its an interesting thought to ponder.

Much like how Manson’s rise to commercial success took the conservative christian majority of America from behind by blunt force, Trump has effectively done the same to the GOP and the republican party. Though it could be argued that there are many closet Trump supporters, at the moment, I think his following is fairly insignificant. But even so, his campaign and his actions are EXTREMELY significant in terms of the image of the republican GOP. Each insane, racist, sexist (has he any groups left to offend?) remark further pushes away moderate republican voters. While forcing other GOP candidates to either match the crazy, or be left in the dust.
This inner party insanity also forces the other candidates to expend resources to fight the Trump media machine (on top of fighting the democrats).

Trump has said nasty things about Hillary, likely Bernie to. But that is just par for the course. And really, either insignificant or beneficial to the democratic campaigns.

Given this, its hard not to see the Trump campaign as anything but beneficial to the democratic campaign (whomever takes the lead, hopefully Bernie). In combination with Ben Carson and some of the others, it could make it a cakewalk.

One does have to consider the possibility of a president Trump however. Right now, that prospect seems terrifying. But maybe, not so much if what I suspect is even close to correct.

As far as I can see, he is a rich man with little to lose. If this goes south, he will go back to being the business man that he always was. But for now, he can play America like a fiddle.

So why not?

President Trump would be a big problem, given his attitude. Opposition would be as meaningless to him as it was to Dick Cheney.
Unless he plays the trojan horse card, and begins to roll out democratic policies whilst in the office. This would make his attitude VERY handy.
Rather than spending 4 or 8 years pissing around with baby steps like the Obama administration, he would likely  just act. Its a benefit of not being in anyone’s pocket.

This indeed is a VERY far flung possibility. Real journalists like Paul Krugman or Christopher Hedges would likely scoff at this as merely useless positive thinking whilst the republic falls (Hedges), or as the right continuously runs rampant and makes gains (Krugman).

But no matter what, it is more important than ever for the left to get its shit together. All of the various factions need to put aside their differences and learn to compromise.
One of the main culprits that comes to mind is the Black lives matter divide in the Bernie campaign. But there is also the anti-Hillary people that will either not vote (or vote republican) if she is democratic front runner.

I get that many prefer Bernie over all alternatives. And I get that Hillary comes across as far to, accommodating to current trends (or slimy) as some have put it. But even so, she is better than almost any republican alternative that will easily sweep in due to the absence of left wing participation.

Even Russell Brand abandoned his hands off philosophy after having it backfire one to many times. Hands off is NOT a valid strategy, or a statement. Certainly not if the only reason is the candidate is not perfect, a refusal to compromise.

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