Trump Skips The Debate – Who Cares?

I love it.

I have always loved following politics (particularly US politics, the highlight being the election campaigns). But 2016. . . . oh man. I don’t know what the earth will look like 20/30/40 years from now, but im pretty sure this cycle will be remembered for a long time. This year is gonna be a blast.

Today’s big story is that Trump snubbed Fox news and skipped the Iowa debate. A decision that has yielded criticsm, relief (at least for the other debate participants), and even some praise.

Many in the media are critical, particularly the right wingers. Claiming it to be disappointing to Iowa voters.

First of all, Fox news criticsm is irrelevant. Ratings is all they care about (since Trump is a Goldmine). As for the others claiming it unfair to Iowa voters . . . hardly.

Trump has been directly in the international spotlight for a very long time, and has had all his stances and proposals  extensively covered. Both past AND present.
Even if he skipped out on every other debate and event between now and November, there is still ample information for any voter to make a decision. He did not need to attend this debate for any reason.

It would have been fine if he just stayed home, or kicked his feet up in his 757 for the night.
However, he didn’t just skip the debate. He put on a charitable event AT THE SAME TIME. An event that raised over 6 million for Veterans (1 million coming from Trump himself).

All in all, I would say Donald found a far better use for his time than if he just attended the debate. Rather than rehashing again what we already know (or should know anyway), he stepped out and took the opportunity to do some good in the world. Rather than help further pad Fox news and the Murdoch coffers, he helped raise money towards an issue that he obviously cares about.

It hardly matters that he didn’t attend the debate. If anything, its a hilarious show of defiance towards the status quo.
I doubt that any of the other candidates could ever even THINK to skip a debate, because they would be out. Not just in this cycle, but possibly future ones to.
But that becomes less of an issue when you both pay your own way, and garner a huge percentage of media focus.
For better or for worse, Trump is making things interesting.

As for the charity drive, the amounts can be criticized.
However, one should also consider how much money the debate (and Fox news) raised for charity at the same time.

Hint: Its less than 1, but more than -1.

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