Apple VS. The US Government – More Than Just A Fanboy Movement

I suspect by now that many (most?) reading this will have heard about the Apple battle that has caught the attention of the world. The case that involves a single iPhone. An iPhone that is significant due to the fact that it was in the possession of a terrorist whom committed a crime. The FBI is demanding access to data on the device, which is blocked due to privacy settings enacted by the now deceased previous owner of the phone. The FBI insists that though Apple going forward with this action would essentially nullify their purpose in designing the device (to keep snoopers out!), it would be just a one time thing. No other device will ever be subject to such scrutiny. 

Like most others in the know of the details, Apple is not buying it (or at least that is the picture they are painting). Legal precedent can be a risky thing, so if they follow though with this, it may well open the door to abuse.

Today I came across this. Written by an Apple device  user, it illustrates an important point about this case that (not surprisingly) has flown over the head of many people. The point being that this is far bigger than just Apple and iOS.

Like many other movements of the social media age, though this one has a common and collective goal, its to outwardly ideological.


At best, it serves as a free and extremely permeating advertising campaign for Apple. At worst, it alienates people that may view the company negatively. 

Full disclosure, I am not an Apple fan. I do not really have brand loyalties (as long as it works!), because the concept is a bit silly. Quality over popularity.

However, though I view all corporation’s as being the same at their core (designed to make money), I do have a shit list of sorts. Like everyone else, I run into issues and may dislike a company for personal reasons. But the companies that I primarily dislike, are those that regularly engage in trickery and dishonesty in practice or behavior. Both of which fit the mold here.

That said however, even if this is more for marketing than anything else, I understand the message. It just needs to be broadened.

Its not just one iPhone 5, or the whole fleet of iOS devices operating world wide. Its everything.

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