Facebook Reactions

From the first time I heard that facebook was bringing these out, I knew that they were going to painful to look at. And I was not disappointed, even within the first 24 hours.
Before, the stupid of the thoughtless yet oh so opinionated masses was somewhat hidden from my view. I had to click open comments in order to get exposed to that ignorance. As such, I almost always avoided opening the comments!


Or at least it was, until the days of facebook reactions became reality. Where the stupid is exposed by the use of an emoji.

Now, though I do not use any of them (well, once in a joking manor), I do not consider ALL usage to be stupid persay. Stories stir up different emotions, so those I do not really notice. The one emotion that often does expose stupid however, is anger. Either in its use, or its lack of use.

For example:






Granted, all of the materials used as examples here represent very different cross sections of people. All of which have very different views and biases, and all of which may or may not overlap in different areas. But even so, when looking at some of the general interest items, there is a noticeable pattern. And not just in this small sample either. I bet anyone could see it if they check out their feed at almost anytime.

Just another example of why the modern media movement of utilizing social media as a source of material should stop. The reason why most people do not get to have a say on public stages, is because they are either idiots, or unworthy (just having an opinion should not be justification to be featured in a news story. Particularly on an important issue).

Its unfortunate that social media and YouTube has reversed this in recent years. Everyone that thinks they have a strong grasp on some subject or other can become an expert to a following. Then there are these Youtube entertainer clones that think they are all quirky and unique, even though most are as conforming as every other big brand clothing shopper alive .

Not everyone can be a star in the show. And no matter what the self esteem movement has told you, your opinion does not always matter.

At least, until now.

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