Bad News Day

Today is one of those days that will be remembered by many for a long time. I checked social media to find that Brussels has suffered a terrorist attack both at its airport and in its metro system (an attack that the Islamic state is currently taking credit for, but we will see if that changes). I then turned on CBC News to find a wall of coverage of another noteworthy event (at least for Canadians), the death of Toronto’s former mayor Rob Ford.

After every terror attack involving a religious entity, people should be careful in utilizing religion as a reaction. Be it anger and frustration shown towards people that look like Muslims, or people of other faiths promising prayers. Its unfortunate that many of the American presidential candidates do not share this view. In particular, the GOP candidates (though Hillary seems to have also used this situation for her own gain).
No one says that its wrong to be angry after an attack, particularly if its right on your doorstep. However, decisions made out of anger are rarely well thought out decisions. A cooling off period is difficult, but invaluable.

Now, Rob Ford.

By now, I would ideally just not mention this and move on (its a non-story, but for Torontonians anyway). But I have written about him twice before (here and Here), so its worth chipping my piece in now.

Back in the days when Rob Ford was big in the news (late 2013, as per the date stamps of my previous entry’s) I had at first advocated for his resignation as Toronto’s mayor due to the embarrassment. Not long after that (after getting to know him a bit in an interview on CBC) I relaxed my previous stance, instead saying that he should focus on doing the job he was elected to do as opposed to complaining about media persecution.

Though his infamous status has brought him into the news a few times since this whole saga (mainly during his election campaign and health crises), by most accounts, he seemed to drop the self pity and just do his job. Though not elected as city mayor for another term, his ward voted him back in, and thus must have been satisfied with his performance. Which is what matters.

One thing that is true of both of the news stories that I am writing of today, is the need to relax the coverage. In one case, you have a situation that is only really applicable to 1 family (and to a degree, a city). In the other, many families and a city.

Focusing solely on Brussels now, this is particularly true. We already know the details of the event. We will not know anything much else for days, at a minimum. So give it a rest for awhile.

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