Arsenic In Rice Based Foods

In a couple of past posts (including my most recent from a few days ago) I made mention of the issue of arsenic in rice products. The context being a comparison in reactions to the presence of genetically modified protein in alfalfa VS the presence of arsenic in rice. The exact comparison being an entire shipping container of alfalfa rejected over 0.01% GMO protein VS one bowl of rice cereal, or a few rice cakes.

I am glad to see that this angle has been taken up by at least one source.

Back to the GMO thing, corn comes to mind. Being that it is a product with one of the worst reputations of any food base (in terms of presumed toxicity, justified or not), one can assume that many parents may stop using corn based children’s foods. Being that rice is the most likely alternative in terms of processed snacks, the more information that is known about the arsenic problem, the better.

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