I Pledge To Donate Half My Lotto Winnings To Charity . . . Seriously?!


Or how about this . . . take the $5 or $6 you would more than likely blow on the ticket and just give it to the Red Cross. In fact, those that feel like following this meme, donate every dollar you had previously allocated to gambling towards Fort McMurray aid. Collectively, it all adds up. Maybe not as much as a lotto windfall, but having actual money to use beats maybe getting the money.

Also, that it NOT a pledge!

Pledging is “I commit $xx.xx to the cause”. Not “If by some gigantic fluke of luck I win this enormous amount of cash, you get half!”.
Thus goes into yet another reason why social media annoys me. Its so easy to do essentially NOTHING for a given cause, yet have it feel (and responded to) as though its a big deal. When the action in truth, amounts to not much more than an insult to those in need.

Do what you can for those in need, if you wish. But do not tag other people with a charitable pledge challenge and also view it as equal to putting your money where your mouth is.

Uh . . . Challenges. Whomever first coined this viral internet phenomena should be bitch slapped.

If the winner of the Lotto max chooses not to donate any to Fort Mac aid (its their choice!) and people retaliate against them due to this meme, that is real unfortunate.

If your one of those people, your a moron.


In keeping with the whole “Put your money where your mouth is!” theme, I’ve decoded to take $60 toward the red cross efforts.
Well, it was partly practicing what I preach and partly this story I came across earlier today.

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