“The transgender revolution is more about CLASS than sex” – (The Rebel)

Lately transgender issues have been on the mind quite a lot. Partly because of the amount of coverage in the mainstream at the moment, but also because I have been debating the topic with a friend of mine on facebook back and fourth for awhile. Well, it’s more of a discussion than anything.


Either way, he recently shared  a blog post (linked above) written by a fellow named David Mackenzie and posted on The Rebel. It didn’t take me long to find areas of criticism with the piece. All of which I will explore to the best of my ability.

Let us begin.

Quite the legal precedent was set in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 17, as the federal champions of political progressivism announced their latest priority for all of us freedom-starved and highly oppressed Canadians:

Trudeau asked the Justice Minister:

“[T]o make it a priority to introduce legislation ‘to add gender identity as a prohibited ground for discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and to the list of distinguishing characteristics of ‘identifiable group’ protected by the hate speech provisions of the Criminal Code.’”

Justin says “group.” He likely means “class,” because the transgender movement is actually as much about Marxist political interpretation as it is supposed liberal values.

Marxists, if you recall, don’t tend to speak much about individuals — their quirks, talents, or especially their flaws. According to Marx, the only “evils” that truly exist are found in the dominant oppressive class system.

Yeah, there is an obvious bias at work in this piece. Bare with it.

Where one is coming from is not important. What information is being communicated however, is very important.

Accordingly, what does it matter to Marxist theorists if we happen to use human rights law to protect an entire class of mentally disordered people? 

Yes, you read that correctly.

And we arrive at part 1. Though this one needs a bit more background before I can begin.

While it is true that the American Psychological Association renamed gender identity disorder into “dysphoria” in 2012, truth has not entirely fled the field, or been renamed into oblivion.The simple fact is that the transgendered are still disordered. 

There are 3 things that need to be covered here.

1.) As knowledge advances, so to does the official literature. Homosexuality was only declassified as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973. Just over 40 years, not that long ago (embarassing in fact).

And that was largly on account to cultural shifts.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1973. This decision occurred in the context of momentous cultural changes brought on by the social protest movements of the 1950s to the 1970s: beginning with the African-American civil rights movement, then evolving on to the women’s and gay rights movements.


I’m sure that had the internet been a thing then, counter narratives would have existed. There is no doubt.

I know this because I know a person that even now, accepts the hypothesis of homosexuals being mentally ill. But it’s not really surprising, because like many others with such views, this persons intellectual research ends upon confirming their bias (which in this case, stretches to bigotry).
But there is a word that I call such people.


2.) I don’t understand the need to utilize the word “truth” when it comes to mental phenomena. Its like ANYONE using the word to describe any stance on the deity existence scale. Idiotic.

Were talking about phenomenons that are even more mysterious and out of reach than many mysteries of the deep ocean, or deep space. There is no truth when no one has even come close to fully grasping the entire phenomenon at hand.

Then again, if your goal is just proping up an ideologicly driven status quo, misusing termonologies is hardly a speedbump.

3.) What is the problem with protecting a given group from discrimination based on their gender of comfort?

Again, homosexuals also have such protections. As do Women. One feels disgust in knowing they are in a species that took so long to come THAT far, but hey. Progress is progress.

Though the mental illness angle is bunk and stupid, let’s follow that up.

Accordingly, what does it matter to Marxist theorists if we happen to use human rights law to protect an entire class of mentally disordered people?

I sense that the author didnt dig very deep before slapping this into the word processor. Because there are many types of mentally disordered people that fall under the rightful protections of such documents (not just Canada’s version).

The mentally challenged. People with depression. People with mood and other disorders. And likley hundreds more. And that does not even scratch the surface.

Yet, in keeping with la revolución, we’ll just disregard the individual quirks and approve of their class — especially when Caitlyn wears Cartier. 

Naturally, a Caitlyn reference.

Completly unessesary and serving no purpose. That is, besides making a reader think that the whole purpose of this piece is just showing contempt to social progress.

We should forget that all this “human rights” focus began with actual racism from the segregationist sixties. Forget, too, that Martin Luther King had a dream that children would, one day, be judged by the “content of their character.”

Those days are long gone. Who actually believes that character matters anymore? If it did, progressivists would challenge the needy, not enable their delusions.

Notably, the author skimmed right over gay rights. But I am not surprised.

As for judging by the content of ones characters, I’ve made a judgement of the author. And it ain’t pretty.

Also, progressivists make bad character judgements just because of accepting diversity in people? That’s all you got?

Not everyone holds Caitlyn up on a pedestal. In fact, after the espy’s hysteria had died down, the only time I would EVER come across Caitlyn in the wild was from complaining idiots. Usually people complaining about her having so much media coverage.

How hilarious is THAT?!

What, precisely, makes it a crime to hate a psychological disorder? For all their wicked deceit and violence, neither Stalin nor Hitler forced such legislation through the Duma or Reichstag. This kind of political vanity is, instead, far more modern — belonging almost exclusively to contemporary “neurocrats.”  

All that truly matters to neo-Marxist theorists is the next victimhood they can hitch their “tachanka” to, so as to overthrow the perceived dominant social order. In the manner of Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” they’re out to reconstruct society, after all — “two legs good and four legs better” — utilizing their own highly ideological, radicalized, and contrived definitions of equality.

Jesus Christ . . .

I’m unsure of where Stalin stood in terms of sexual diversity, but I’m pretty sure that it would not be a problem under the 3ed Riche. Because Hitler had a way of dealing with such people. It kept the diverse in the closet, and thus out of the mind of the populace.

And besides, who needs “hate speech” laws when they would conflict with the status quo of the nation?



And of course, comes the paranoia. But that is not really worth contemplating. Its not like people didn’t make similar conclusions when interracial marriage became more accepted, when homosexuality became more accepted, or when the world fell in love with gay marriage.
We will endure God’s wrath! Society will break down! The sky will fall!

Haven’t seen it happen yet. And when it does, it won’t be on account to guys taking it up the butt, or dude looks like a lady.

The pattern reads like a proletarian playbook:pay a few academics to claim kleptomania is genetically determined. Make kleptomaniacs out to be the victims of social class-bias. Publicly shame conservatives and Christians with accusations of kleptophobia. Legislate kleptomania as a protected class. Teach kleptomania-sensitive courses in kindergarten. Force kleptomania clubs inside private Christian and Jewish schools — because, after all, the entire Ten Commandments can be rewritten in terms of “theft”:


Listen again to Canada’s El Presidente, when he speaks about his transgendered legislation: 

“We must diligently close the gap between our principles and reality.”

He speaks as though he stood on bedrock. Yet, what principles are these that won’t be made malleable by next week’s academic troop of McGill-a guerrillas?

Does “reality” have much bearing on la revolución? Does a woman really make herself a man by repeating some politicized mantra in the mirror?   

Get real. Rather, this latest incursion of social Marxism is both fantasy and militant misery.

Spoken like a true regressive.

Yes, that term has been utilized in other ways in recent times, but it says about all that has to be said in this situation.

Did any readers here take the opportunity a month ago to follow the University of Washington campus interviews based upon identity politics? If it weren’t for the campus blossoms, viewers would have sworn they had entered an entirely surreal state.
It was jaw-droppingly painful observing the mental pilates and catatonic stupor of students attempting to balance their Marxist identity-conditioning with raw reality. 

Simple truths were shockingly difficult for these budding academics — which is probably why Hans Christian Anderson chose a child, not a sorority senior, to tell the Emperor that he was naked.  

Unlike Captain Picard of Star Trek TNG fame, these students would scarcely have wasted one nano-second claiming that there are five lights, or thirty-seven, or eighty-three, if instructed to do so. Whatever the academic junta wants.

I watched a bit (well, most) of the interviews on the video. I am not surprised that the article auther was horrified. Such open mindedness. . . we can’t have THAT in a traditional status quo!

And it’s funny how its the liberals being accused of academic conditioning now. I mean, it’s not like right wing religous dogmatism isn’t fed to school children in a shockingly high number of American states, to this day.

No matter what you think of university education, those going into post secondary have the facaltys to chose their own path. Children don’t.

And herein lies both the problem and the hope.

This revolución relies far too heavily upon a class of semi-robotic and docile underlings. It actually has all the appearance of a dead fish floating downriver, not a live one headed upstream. It has little to no rebellious spirit — grounded in either the fierce motivation of a Kingdom to come, or a palpably improved future. 

Hence, when that spirit of rebellion actually awakens, la revolución may find itself the victim of those same people who suddenly perceive that they have been sold a Marxist charade.

At that point, El Presidente, and the rest of the neurocratic ilk, will be seen to be naked. 

Interesting and seemingly oxymoronic.
We start down a path of scary, slippery slope, Animal Farm-esk fear stoking. Then we end with “Its weak, and chances are they will see what fools they are in due time”.

What was the point of this piece then?!

Wow. What the hell did I just read?!

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