Religion – The Big Con?

The answer to that question would seem obvious. 


But it goes deeper than that, as this little talk delves into. It’s not just the obvious (fear of seemingly plausible and prolonged torture). Religion gives a person meaning. But more importantly, it also serves as an great equalizer of sorts. It makes what is sensible (at least in our eyes), reality. Because its hard to comprehend the world at times, as the chaotic mess that it is.

Earlier this year, my family was confronted by this chaos. My 44 year old cousin got extremely sick due to somehow contracting C Difficile. No one has figured out the source as no one else at the most likely contact point (his brother and my other cousin’s birthday party) got sick. Though he had initially showed a lot of improvement, unknown complications lead to his death not even a week later. 

I would see many of the items mentioned in the above clip in the reaction to my cousins illness. First off, the prayers. And of course, the aftermath. The passage into the great beyond. An aftermath that never goes away, being I have a couple family members that think they are mediums. 

But to move on, religion is comfortable. Whether in a time of crisis, or just everyday troubles, religion has answers. Religion has equilibrium. No matter how disproportionate the takith  to the giveth, it’s all for a reason. 

It’s likely the biggest obstacle to overcome when leaving religious faith. The universal equilibrium.

But as noted in the video, religion is not the only faux source of emotional equilibrium. There are all sorts of other alternative sources to be on the lookout for. Ideologues that are a minor threat to a stable mind, but ideologies that could be a cancer to an unstable mind. Even the strongest willed person can get duped when their guard is down. 

The rest of the material covered, I’m on the fence about (trusting people get further than introverted people). I suppose that could be right. But trusting people are also at more risk of being duped by shysters and scoundrels. Which seems oddly contradictory to the previous stuff (assuming I interpret it all right. Which I may not be). 

Either way, I suspect that protection from ANY form of ideological trickery (religious or otherwise) can only come from the teaching of critical thought at a young age. Adding even basic philosophy to the school curriculum is a great start. They do not as much need to know WHAT to think as they do HOW to think. 

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