“Steve Harvey Mocks Atheist Guest Trying To Salvage A Relationship With His Christian Girlfriend” – (Patheos / The Friendly Atheist)


First off, I’m not really surprised. Though I have no knowledge of Steve Harvey or his show, his views do not surprise me. Being a Dr. Phil-esk television psychologist (I know . . . Ha!) allows all sorts of shit that would get any other psychologist barred. Namely not just the open expression of faith, but also the utility of it in making judgement calls with patients. Though I don’t know if Dr Phil (the most well known of his type) does this shit, ive heard him express his Christian faith numerous times on the show. Which is terrible for any guests that DO NOT fit that mould. Even if religion is never mentioned, it is still hanging over the stage like a dark cloud. ON TOP of everything else. Brings me back to my earliest atheist years. . .

People ideally should not be taking their dirty laundry to a pseudo psychologist on national TV, don’t get me wrong. But if people are going to do it, have some standards. Your there to help someone else in a tough time. If you can’t put your faith aside until your done meeting with patients, then you should be serving a targeted niche that your faith will not bother . . . Christians! 

But going back to the original topic, I question why the atheist in this story (or ANY atheist!) would even make the appearance. I mean, what did you expect?! 

I would have advised going to the Jerry Springer show over any of these jerkoffs. 

As for the couple, with some luck (and distance from crotch crabs like Steve Harvey!) they can hopefully get past this. Though a word of advice from a non-psycologist but grounded thinker . . . think carefully about the relationship. If either side is unwilling to just accept the other for whom they choose to be, it may be best to walk away. If one party is unwilling to overlook a minor difference in opinion for the greater good of the relationship, chances are this will not be the only problem you encounter. So save a whole lot of headache now, for the good of both involved.  

As for the arguments utilized . . . yeah. Steve Harvey is an idiot. Not unexpected. But at the same time, the Atheist’s arguments are hardly better. But one can’t  judge to harshly. I detect (even from the transcript!) a southern accent. I know the challenges imposed on the education systems of the south, imposed by the religious mobs in charge of them. So it’s a great thing when anyone is able to break those chain’s of the mind. Even if it at times leads to, more issues. 

But one thing at a time. 

I will finish by borrowing a quote from the Patheos article.

There are ways for religious/non-religious couples to make things work, but the truth is it’s not always possible. It depends how seriously both people take their beliefs, whether they can respect the other person’s views, and if they’re willing to compromise if children are involved.

None of those things were discussed in the clips. I’m guessing they weren’t given much consideration, if any at all, in the full show. It’s exactly the wrong message to be sending in a country where non-religious people are on the rise and “interfaith” relationships are going to become much more common.

I agree. 
But as good as a point as that is, it’s not a task that should be left to the Steve Harvey’s of the world. Because they are to clueless to even recognize that they are doing anything wrong, as judged by their actions. 

It’s up to us,the secular community, to fill in that gap. 

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