To My Pseudo Freethinker Friends 

If you want me to regard you as a freethinker, please avoid posting stuff like this. Though it is a well utilized term (misused 95% of the time, in my opinion!), I do not need one to tell me that they are a freethinker to figure it out for myself. In fact, when I see someone calling themselves a freethinker, I often get the impression that they haven’t a clue what the word even entails. And it’s funny how often this assessment turns out to be correct. 

Particularly atheist’s. There is more to seeing things clearly than embracing a secular form of ideology that often borders on the religious. Though the term is not necessarily contrary to an atheistic stance, it is certainly not a rule of thumb. 

It’s a useless label that should go away. Since adopting it can lead to the paradox of the free thinking, close minded moron. 

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