If You Lose Your Mind Over A T-Shirt, You May Be A Moron


Ah, Adam Buckley (aka A Dose of Buckley). How your weekly doses make me laugh. And cry. 

First, the source of all the fuckery. 

How OFFENSIVE! This makes me LOATH him! Metallica must be embarrassed to have their brand so widly tarnished! 

Nope. Wrong on all 3 accounts. 

1.) I don’t give a rat’s ass about attire. 

2.) I think it’s cool if he is expanding his horizons. If he decides to take his career more in a rock or metalic direction as a result, even better. 

3.) The band (well, James) actually lists this situation (Bieber showing off their wares) as one of his favorite things of 2015. At #10, mind you. But still!

The kid is using his platform to show respect for Hetfield and Metallica’s work. It’s a positive for everyone. But of course conformist metal fans have found reason to piss on a good thing. 

Insert here, the comments, the social media posts, and worst of all, the articles. All throwing up a wall of judgement and contempt towards unlikely metal fans. Something that bugs me due to the stupid factor. But something that bugs me more, due to the nature of metal.

 Unlike the typical inane Bieber-esk garbage that takes up so much space on the airwaves these days, one can often find real meaning and substance to metal. Sure, pop can dole out feel good and positive thinking. But metal rips the bandaid off. Something of a  necessity in an age when the digital world increasingly allows us to build a cocoon of positivity around ourselves, no matter the consequences. Be they personal, like delusions about obesity being healthy leading to potential problems when complications occur. Or more large scale, like some society affecting event sneaking up on an unsuspecting populace. Like climate change, political turmoil, Brexit, or the 2016 Donald Trump V Hillary Clinton showdown. 

Pop fans may migrate to metal and learn something in the process. Or they may just love the music. In the same way that I can love Rammstein without knowing German. 

Either way, it’s silly to shit on new fans of metal just because they are or were bliebers , or Kardashians, or what the fuck ever. Even if it is a phase, who gives a shit. It’s funny that I even have to say that. Being how many metal fans claim to be non-conformists , or as one put it, the anti-society .

 Fuck if I know how they reconcile living in the very same grid as the rest of us, yet claim outside status. Even I don’t even take my individuality that far. But I suppose the skewed understanding of what it means to self sufficient these days is a whole other topic in itself. 

Another aspect of this that I want to touch on, is clothing. This idea that metal clothing is for metalheads only. And that any other use is unpermitted, and otherwise deserves disdain.  

First off, the obvious. Fuck off and leave people alone. 

As for the more productive answer, there are many reasons why someone may choose an article of metal oriented clothing BESIDES them being a fan of the band depicted, or being a fan of metal in general. 

Metal clothing tends to sport eye catching designs. Maybe that is the appeal. Or maybe (like me!) it’s less about the design than it is about the type of clothing. T-shirts and hoodies, popular as metal clothing, are also popular in general. Maybe they were chosen for that reason. Chances are the person may shop at 2ed hand places, and (also like me!) may own clothing related to sports, events, destinations and other things outside of personal interest. Personally, I love the 2ed hand store. You never know what you will find. 

As for getting annoyed with talking to people wearing metal related clothing only to find that they are not metalheads (to reference a comment on the Buckley video), broaden your horizons a little. It’s hard NOT to take you as anything more than a conformist moron if you feel that not sharing that ONE SINGLE BOND is enough to end the conversation. 

In fact, as an extremely introverted person, I would rather not have people just come up to me a fair amount of the time. Sometimes one just  wants peace, to blend in. Which puts an interesting twist to this problem. Do some people avoid looking the part of a metal head just to escape the social contract that often comes with it? 

Either way, metalheads tend to be known as intolerant. This type of behavior certainly does not help it any.

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