A Future Uncertain 

America. Oh, America. What did you do . . .

Unlike Michael Moore (and almost everyone else, to my credit), I didn’t see this coming.

President Trump. 

Though I didn’t give the electoral process much more than enough attention to merely keep up to speed previous to last night (I LIKE politics, but even I find it hard to justify watching a debate), I paid fairly close attention late last night, when the polls started to roll in. For 3 or 4 hours I listened to CBC news (and doing other tasks). When Clinton’s easy lead begun to become a bloodbath of epic proportions, it was hard to think anything but “you have GOT to be kidding me!”.

But, in all honesty, as much as this election exposed a HUGE flaw in a democratic system reined by a mostly ignorant populace, that aspect is not the most bothersome. Deplorable views aside, your not going to change these people. 

But the progressive left (or, the left PERIOD!) did have an option, a say. They had one vote. One vote for not Bernie establishment democrat, mind you. A Hillary Clinton win was (or at least, should not have been seen as!) not the victory. It was a steping stone. And if anything, it was a minor vote to the more important other positions which are . . . EVERYTHING UNDER THE PRESIDENT. Local, state, all of those. They have a direct impact on local life. But, by the poll counts, its seems many leftists STILL have not figured that out. The republicans, headed by one Donald Trump, now run the show. Effectively the whole FUCKING country. 

On the right, concessions were made, as always. Evangelicals (and most sects really) AGAIN, agreed in the name of a common goal. As did (it seems) many women, minorities, African Americans. 

But the left it seems, as usual, choose narrow minded and miopic self intrest over long term common good. 

Many Bernie fans either stayed home, or went Trump (those are the worst of them all). Some went independent (keep in mind that with these voters, I do not really hold a grudge. Even if they didn’t help things in the end, they had their say). And others still, settled into mindsets like “they are equally crooked” or “my vote dosen’t count anyway!”. 

Yep. Your vote doesn’t count. 

But, as weird of a place as this somewhat unexpected Red Dawn has put many of us mentally, I have to still think that we should keep an open mind. Trumps acceptance speech last night (watched live) was shockingly civil and gracious. But we should be ready for anything. And be ready to stand up for those of us whom need defending. 

Just in case. 

I have a lot  of anger with the faction ridden american left that handed this election over on a silver platter (the DNC holds blame to, BUT SO DO YOU! Non participants!). But, let this be a lesson. Take a card from the religous status quo and put your diffrences aside for the common good!

This is a big reason why I hate patriotism. The winning half didn’t just take the vote patrioticly. . . so did the left. So consumed with the nationalistic perspective they were, that they forgot about the rest of the world. Common for any nations election really, but few matter as much as the United States. 

No matter how we got here, we are here. So rather than living in denial, we have to figure out the next step. Even if that step just went from a stair to a cliff.

Is this the edge of the abyss? 

I’ve felt the world to be in that position before. Lets hope its just as irrational an assumption as it was then. 

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