Sweeden Opens Atheist Cemetery -(CNN)

This is a story from a few weeks ago that I thought I would share and lay out a bit of commentary on. The Swedish cemetery that is completely free of all religous symbols. 


In truth, my first thought on this, was that it is kind of silly. A cemetery free of all religous symbols and such. 

Though I have (more times than I often admit) pondered my lifes cessation, what came after was normally not considered. Neither an afterlife, nor the destination of what remains of my earth bound carcass. Because really . . . who cares. The afterlife is irrelevant. And what happens to my body is also irrelevant. I once joked that I wouldn’t care if I was discarded in my work trash compactor with the rest of the trash. For all intents and purposes, it does not matter! 

To be fair, I have also been told that I should think more highly of myself than as just run of the mill garbage. I suppose, a good bit of life advice. But as far as im concerned, the ultimate end result is still the same. Though family and friends/acquaintances give one value, in the grand scheme of things, you are still nothing 🙂 .

But really, despite my rather realist viewpoint of my (and our!) place in the world, I have no real opposition to a secular/atheist/whatever cemetery in Sweden, or anywhere for that matter (though I suspect a lot of resistance would be encountered almost anywhere else besides Scandinavia). For me, I would not care what my marker has inscribed. All but a small handful from human history are long forgotten within 20 to 50 years of death, after which that marker becomes a marker of a nobody. There lies someone that once mattered to someone, but few (if anyone) will know much beyond that. Its just the momentum of the world. 

To again go back to the cemetery, even if earthly remains hardly matter in death to an atheist, I can understand that the family may find it more comforting. Be it knowing that their loved one is resting with similar individuals as they appreciated in life, or just for reasons of personal comfort. 

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