The Santa Myth – Revisited

4 days ago, I published a short piece exploring whether or not the Santa Claus myth could be harmful to children. Though I thought it a fairly meaty topic when it first occurred to me, upon some exploration, I realized that not to be the case (at least from the angle I took it on from). 

In short, having realized the normally temporary nature of this belief combined with the pointless nature of the material (secular parents will teach children to be aware of such trickery, and theistic parents will not give the debate any heed due to other mental conclusions), I figured it not worth pursuing further. I instead, focused on the destructive nature of how most westerners celebrate the holiday itself, having seen exponentially more problems with this aspect than with the myth aspect. Not to mention, unlike the impossible to solve Santa Claus myth conversation, there is actual possibility to solve the mass holiday consumption problem. The road to that end is EXTREMELY long, but none the less . . . Much easier to tackle. 

The former post was started a week or 2 ago, published 4 days ago. And by coincidence, I came across a study (VIA The CBC) in which some researchers had asked the same question as I did, albeit pursued in a slightly differing manor. Though they arrived more or less where I did on the question itself (the myth may help children become more skeptical), they also noted that some children may lose trust in parents after learning of the Santa free reality.

Take a look for yourself.  

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