Things That Annoy Me – Part 12

It has been a long time since I last did one of these, so I think I will touch this one up. Some of the references may be dated (this was drafted and left untouched for over a year), but most should be chronologically ambiguous.

56.) Fame Culture

This one came to mind after discovering one of the most ridiculous games I think I have EVER seen.


Yes, my free App of the day is Kendall & Kylie. The only thing sadder than this actually existing, is finding it on App of the day for free. Because it means they (or someone, anyway) is charging people MONEY to PRETEND to hang with famous people!

A sign of a culture and a civilization in decline?

I don’t have much to say about the reality TV celebrities of consumption that has not already been said since The Simple Life took Paris and Nicole into everyday America (for the rest of us). They are vacuous and empty vessles, not good role models, yadda yadda.
And the same goes for a recent phenomenon that has shown up on the more Sciencey channels (discovery, history etc), which is celebrities of destruction. Think shows like Ice Cold Gold, Black Gold or anything else that glamorizes the raping of the earth for short term profits.

It has always been the case that people follow (if not worship) the celebs they love.
That is just a fact of life.
But in these days of cheap photographic technology and social media, its easier than ever to ascend the popularity ladder. Which many im sure would argue is a good thing.

And it is.That is, if one has little or no desire of seeing anything other than mediocrity.

Unfortunately for many growing up these days, this lacking within the market will be hard to notice, given the state of pop music today. Though I like to keep myself mostly sheltered from this stuff (as evidenced by my lack of knowledge of many songs on watchmojo’s “best (or) worst of the 2010’s so far lists), what I do come across in the wild in the past few years is evidence enough of the sorry state of the industry. Its no surprise that many think that THEY could be the next big thing, with the bar so low. 

Which is why a new segment on Much Music recently irritated me. As if having to watch that channel for South Park was not bad enough. Now there are ads (lets be honest!) for all the new up and coming . . . youtube stars!

People that obviously think that they are unique, quirky, memorable, funny (HA!). But people that in the end, boil down to the same conformed, cookie cutter form of almost any other overy social media utilizing millennial. The stereotype.

I suppose that I do come across as rather, intolerant of modern day entertainment. Considering that much of this assertion is based not just on personal taste, but also on assumption of ignorance (that most modern popular culture consumer’s have not had any exposure to anything outside this bubble of mediocrity).

Dare I say, a stereotypical metal fan.

But then again, I was recently shown a video of some popular DJ who’s thing is throwing a cake out into the audience (during a song called Cakeface). Naturally, there are tons of videos of this on YouTube (many of horrible quality). Because these days, everything you do must be documented and shoved into the YouTube garbage can.

They say that the oceans are filled with billions of tons of garbage. Even so, I bet that if you took every low quality, useless, duplicate, pointless and otherwise needless video uploaded anywhere (not just Youtube!) and put them all on DVD, we would be burried in polycarbonate.


I have yet to see someone featured on Much Music’s Made To Make that actually brings much of anything worthwhile to, hell, anything. 

No, their content is not exactly cat videos, cell phone concert footage or top *whatever useless shit* videos. It’s professional. But if they don’t bring anything really new and exciting besides “This is what makes me special!”, they occupy the same category in my mind. 

File G. 

57.) Dr. Drew / Nancy Grace And HLN

Sometimes I (like many others. Do not lie!) like a good dose of murder porn. Be it something on the O network or Forensic Files (my only reason for ever tuning into HLN), its educational programming for aspiring criminals everywhere! 

Either way, an unfortunate side affect of this dose of “How to kill for dummies” on HLN, are also doses of both Dr Drew and Nancy Grace.

When I suddenly find myself watching the Nancy Grace show, the remote can never be found fast enough. And the Dr. Drew commercials with his high horse judgemental attitude. . . . uh. Nancy Grace may make a horny 15 year old need cialis, but this fucking guy makes my blood boil.

A guy with a failed “alternate” televised rehabilitation path for the rich and famous that has killed people, and yet he still gets to stand on a high horse on television and condemn others for drug use.

$UCK MY NUTS you arrogant fucking parasite!

Note: I already touched on the topic of my hatred of Dr. Drew in a recent post exploring drugs, but I decided to leave this in anyway.

Because fuck Dr. Drew.

58.) A New Age Of Stupid In Canada

To be fair, according to my very words (many of them scattered in these posts), there are already many stupid people around this nation. Like any other.
But while I seen this in things like Canadian hockey culture, its typicly not bled so much into politics.

That is, until now.

Mere months after the majority of the nation took a huge left turn in voting in Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, many on the right (particularly those between Winnipeg and the Rockies) have taken a quite, republican-esk turn. To sum it up, the Progressive Conservative base has become the angry Republican base, the day after Obama was voted in in 2008. And Justin Trudeau (and to a degree, Rachel Notley of Alberta’s NDP) is Obama. Incapable of anything good on their eyes, even after a mere 1 day in office.

The first I seen of Notley catching hell was with news of changes to some farm labor laws which angered Albertans. Laws that it turns out, help to prevent child labor.
Trudeau has had a few along the way (like his father). But the most recent elephant in the room being the Fort Macmurry wild fire response.

Even though every plan (or in this case, response) can likley be improved in some way or another, I don’t think many of these whiners would have been happy if both Trudeau and Notley grabed a hose and joined in themselves. I see constant complaints about botched response, turning down the Russian water bomber . . . blah, blah, blah.

Now, this is not to say that I am removing the right to criticise. We all see things differently, and even the best planed situations can likley benefit from criticism. It’s how we learn for the next time such measures are needed.

But, really . . . A city of almost 100,000 was pretty much evacuated on EXTREMELY short notice, with extremly minimal fatalities nonetheless. I can not forget local and regional authorities (including many area Oil Co’s, oddly enough). Or for that matter, the alert ready system.

The first time I seen this deployed in my area was summer 2015, during tornado season. I remember hearing the loud apocalyptic beeping noises followed by a super serious computer generated male voice saying “WARNING! . . . “. It’s meant to grab the attention, and it certainly works. Everytime I hear that sound, my life flashes before my eyes. 

Even though it’s typically for a storm some distance away (likely in  my cable providers service area, however). 

That said however, I don’t think Notley or Trudeau could do much of anything to appease their naysayers. Yes, I come at this from a somewhat biased prospective. But really . . . If you’re written off the day after the election, how can you appease anyone?

59.) Self Absorption

Fuck off with this shit. 

When it comes to family, I do not ignore you. I merely do not often see much worth interacting with coming from you. As seems to be the mutual situation with regards to me. 

Enough with this needy shit already. 

60.) Death at a Facebook 

I don’t know about you, but I have seen this conversation many times under Facebook statuses. And it drives me FUCKING NUTS Everytime! 

All names faked for the saftey of those involved

Elie Gibbs

Today, the world lost a great person and a I lost a good friend. Rock on there, down in Hell!

P1: I’m very sorry for your loss 😦

P2: I miss him so much to!

P3: Who was this? 

P4: I’m so sorry Elie, hugs!

P5: I’m praying for him and you

P3: WHO WAS IT?!?!

P6: He was my bestie to! Miss him so much 

P7: Prayers 

P8: He is in my thoughts 

P9: 😦

. . . 

Maybe it’s to much to ask, but . . . WILL SOMEONE ANSWER P3 ALREADY?! 

He is likely one of dozens of people like me that do not comment, but still ponder the riddle that is the mystery of the missing identity. Is it someone I know?! 

Sometimes one can solve the enigma with a visit to a Facebook profile or 2, where someone with a brain puts a name. But other times, one has to wait until later. Often though some completely different source (a friend posting a GoFundMe in support of a funeral service for a person that may or may not be the one previously mentioned. On the bright side, at least it’s not someone you know!).

Or sometimes, you never know.

I have even gone though this bullshit when something terrible happened to a family member of mine around a year ago. Had to wade through a couple profiles before I finally found a name. 

When you make those heartfelt but untagged condolence posts to social media, at least have the decency to give inquiring minds A CLUE! So we know if it’s your former boss, your grandmother, or an old friend that we had not seen in a long time.

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