Social Justice Warrior’s – An Overhyped Threat?

Being I that I keep an eye on the chatter of a couple of online communities that overlap into the territory of social justice, I have heard many views on the topic. Everything from people that are annoyed (yet not overly worried), to people that feel that SJW’S are a threat to our very civilization (typicly, this is in  combination with mass muslim immigration). 

Though I have been all over this scale in the past year or so, ive never gone right to the very extreme (the END of western civilization!). I was pretty far at one point however, at least in terms of the feminist angle. I have written posts in the past that were fearing the future of healthy relationships due to heavy handed social justice on steroids.

I would later relax these views a bit. Not due to having any of them changed, persay. More, because I realized that my view of the world is very niched, primarily due to a reliance on social media as a source of information. Like most of us. 

I would see different trends happening, as shown to me by many diffrent youtube (and other) sources I often utilize. For example, the authoritarian SJW problem on campuses, and the European migrant crisis in (primarily) Germany. My social media explorations would paint a very vivid picture, which would indeed be cause for alarm. But I also had another perspective in which to view this problem. People in acadamia, one of which went to Germany. 

Though my social media feed painted quite a drastic picture, the observations from the other perspective tended to be contradictory. 2 campuses had little (if any) SJW authoritarian control. And despite a trip covering damn near the whole of the country of Germany, my source failed to run into even 1 case of lawlassness and depravity. 

Before you head right to the comment section and call me out on my obvious flawed argument, hold on a second. I know that anecdotes are not proof of anything. 2 samples of a huge pool, and one single persons experiences, are circumstantial at best. But even if they don’t give you the whole picture, they can give you leads towards the all important bigger picture.

When it comes to social media, what I see is heavily dictated by past personal interactions and behaviers. If I have an intrest in this topic or that, my various feeds will reflect that. Because that is what drives profit. The more likely I am to interact with social media, the more useful my data is. 

An unfortunate side affect of this personally tailored digital life is how unkowing people can start spotting trends in society at large that may or may not be corroborated in reality. For example, I see lots examples of SJW authoritarianism online, so I concluded it to be a serious problem. The more I explored it, the more related materials I am steered toward. And the worse the situation seems to be. 

Thus, was forced to take a step back and ask, am I seeing the whole picture? Or reacting to an artificially constructed one?

In many contexts (this one included), I was unsure how to answer that. The obvious answer would seem to be “you’re online! Dig!”. 

Indeed, im online. The land of a million diffrent slants, ideologies and biases, almost all filtered through the very same microtargetting machine as I am dealing with. Given this, I choose to remain  unopinionated (agnostic?) on the issue. Which is my default on anything outside of my knowledge. 

In my recent travels in the Youtube app, I came across the following  video, made by Dusty Smith.

I am generally not a fan of Dusty and his material, having called out his antics in the past. But like with his video on the often flawed GMO conversation, I think he raises a valid concern here. He is mainly focused on conservative Christians, but I don’t fault that. His nich is the atheist community, so he caters to his audience. 

One of the things I have done a lot of  lately has been atempting (however unsuccessfully) to get people in my ranks to be more concerned with the big problems of the commons, and less concerned with the often trivial problems (if they even ARE problems, in some cases) of their residing niches. One of my main focuses is on the atheist community (and its insistence on putting up a  rift in the general secular community). I have issue with the left in general, really. It seems we are more open to differing ideas and opinions than other macros, but only to a point. Where the right has many fairly large macros, thr left is split into many small ones. Often divided by such silly reasonings to be laughable. 

And within this mess, you have most of the SJW’s (at least as defined by todays common usage). They have been given their own category (regressive left) whilst the rest of their counterparts run to the other side of the room (classical liberals). One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of fingers pointed at the left’s fringe elements. Even some of our classic right wing opposition are looking on and saying “DAMN, they crazy!”. 

Im not really sure how to conclude this, because its less a view than a question. Is the threat of the regressive SJW left REALLY worthy of all this attention? 

Or a bigger one (at least in my mind), is there anyone objective enough to be able to answer this question? 

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