Milo Finally Comes Through 

Awhile ago, I happened upon a small amount of media coverage surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos’s  depositing of the proceeds of a personal crowd funding campaign (meant to help privileged white males obtain post secondary education) into his personal bank account. It was an action criticized by many for obvious reasons.

It limits transparency. He could have been pocketing intrest accumulated on cash that wasen’t / isn’t his to begin with (if there is interest earned on that cash, it should stay with the cash it was sourced from, NOT Milo’s account). And it just looks bad. 

Though I tried to keep fairly ambiguous on the matter, in all honesty, malice would NOT have surrprised me. The sheeple of the internet may swoon because of this mans shared views of their social justice nemesis (I have even seen him called an intellectual) , but its not hard to see what lies beneath. Hell, not even beneath really. 

He is a selfish, arrogant asshole that only exists in ANY limelight due to aligning with a cohort tgat will praise anyone that toes their line. And no matter what one thinks with regard to his Twitter ban (I just don’t give a shit), it did nothing but help him.

But that all dosen’t really matter. His glaring short comings to the status quo are virtuous to his ideological cohort. Irrelevant. 

What matters here, is that he seems to have followed though.

Here is a link to the grant page itself.

In all honesty, I have few feelings about the grant itself. There is likley feminist arguments and theory that I could draw from, but in this case, all seems to be in order. People gave to a fundraiser expecting a cause to be supported. And it seems that said goal is / will be fulfilled. 

I wrote critical things at least twice due to percieved malice. So may as well aknowledge when I was wrong. Indeed, one could bring up the interest argument. But I won’t harp on it (that is, assuming some white guys get their education paid for). 

One thing I want to criticize however, is the article I choose, in its wording. I will borrow a quote from it for reference.

“No, this isn’t a joke,” confirms Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart editor and alt-right leader, who’s currently ruffling college campuses with inflammatory speeches on a national tour, and who last year founded the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant: a college scholarship program only open to white male students.

First off, it seems to be a progressive source, so that will be apparent. I use media for getting  facts, information, pr as reference points (such as in this post). The slant is irrelevant. 

That said, the article says “Breitbart editor and alt right leader”

I was under the impression that Milo didn’t really see himself as alt right, let alone an alt right leader. Assuming this is a correct assessment, I have to declare my annoyance to the journalists that propagate this stuff (be it intentionally or unintentionally). In an environment where everybody opposition media outlets are called fake news, why are we encouraging this behavier by being incompetent, or shady? 

I don’t give a fuck if you are a little online based portal  catoring to a niche, or a traditional organization. Your lack of standards reflects badly on EVERYONE!

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